Apple Watch 2 Rumors

Apple Watch 2 Rumors
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It has been more than a year since Apple first released the Apple Watch, and in that time the wearable has gone on to command respect from those who use it and derision, criticism and down right tribalism from those who prefer Android based devices. However, of late I am seeing more and more rumors surfacing about its successor the Apple Watch 2. And with Apple’s WWDC 2016 only a few days away, it seems that those waiting for the second coming are getting a little impatient!

Apple Watch 2 Rumors

According to the majority of industry insiders, it looks as though (Not officially) Apple may have penned sometime this month (maybe the middle of it) for the Apple Watch 2 to be announced. So what do the rumors suggest that Apple will produce to silence its Apple Watch critics?

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Watch Design

Starting with design, MacRumors recently mentioned two reports in which the Apple Watch 2’s design was considerably different. The first report, which was put together by Apple Analyst Brian White, offers some exciting reading. In it he states that the Apple Watch 2 will be 20 percent to 40 percent thinner than the previous model.

However, in the 2nd report by Ming Chi-Kuo, a well know Apple insider who is known for the accuracy of his reports. He suggests that thos who are expecting some kind of new design are going to be disappointed. As he thinks that the Apple Watch 2 will offer no big design overhaul.

Further elaborating on this, he suggests that Apple will adopt the same upgrade method as it has with the iPhone. So this means that the “Model S” moniker will be adopted and simply feature interational hardware upgrades. With major design changes and hardware upgrades delivered in the alternate year.

It is for this reason that he believes that the Apple Watch 2 will come with little design changes and only minor hardware and software updates.

Hardware and Features

According to reports stretching as far back as last June, the inclusion of a Facetime camera could be a reality. 9 to 5 Mac reported on this, suggesting that a small camera, which would be capable of recording video maybe incorporated in to the top bezel of the device. It went on to say, that this would allow an Apple Watch 2 users to answer calls from their wrists.

Improved Wi-Fi

Other rumors that Pocket Lint have got their hands on relate to the Wi-Fi of the new watch. And suggest that a new and faster Wi-Fi chipset will be included to help improve the quality (less data loss) and speed up data transfer. It is also believed that this would have a knock on effect, which is the accuracy of location based services.

3G or 4G

It look as though (according to rumor) that cellular connectivity could also get a boost, thanks to the Apple Watch 2 not having to be constantly be paired to an iPhone to have any real functionality. In a recent article the New York Times, claimed that buyers of Apple new smartwatch would be able to choose from models with either 4G or 3G connectivity.

In fact the article was quite in depth and stated that users would have to pay for a data plan, and that the Apple Watch 2 would have the ability to receive incoming messages without a Wi-Fi connection and when not paired with an iPhone.

A New Watch OS

Apple is well known for releasing new versions of its software either at the WWDC or when a new device is launched. So, whilst there is no confirmed date for the Apple Watch 2 launch. We do have the upcoming developer conference on the 13th of June (Next Monday) to consider. It is possible that Apple will choose that event to launch the Apple Watch 2, but recent rumors, which I have covered are suggesting that this years WWDC will be an entirely software affair.

Plus, Apple in a recent blog post, suggested to developers that all future Apple Watch apps must be native. That means created specifically for the watch. So where this actually leaves us to what is actually going on with software, who knows!

Final Thoughts

Whatever happens this year, Apple will at some point launch the Apple Watch 2. It may come with a different name or be just an iteration. However, what I think it will be able to do, and there seems to be a consensus of rumor on this, is to break free from the iPhone. No longer will it be shackled to Apple’s biggest selling product, instead it will become a fully fledged device in its own right. With multiple connectivity options and the ability to make calls!

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