Apple To Release Two iPhone 7 Plus Models [REPORT]

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The most notorious Apple analyst has suggested that the iPhone 7 Plus will launch later this year with two different models. And what is notable about these two versions of the Apple phablet is that they will feature different cameras.

Apple To Release Two iPhone 7 Plus Models [REPORT]

Two iPhone 7 Plus handsets mooted

According to a KGI Securities report by the infamous Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will release two separate devices in September with the intention of diversifying its iPhone range. It could be that the consumer electronics giant views this as an opportunity to generate more revenue from something still viewed as a new product line by the corporation. This is something that Apple promised the city back in 2014, and the importance of this has been magnified by the recent slump in Apple stock.

The first of the two iPhone 7 Plus versions suggested by Kuo would feature the regular iSight camera that is utilized in iPhone units today. The diversion from the norm will be with the second iPhone 7 Plus model, which Kuo suggests will feature a dual-lens camera. This particular feature has been linked with the iPhone range for some time, but this is possibly the most credible suggestion that it will indeed appear in the iPhone 7 in some capacity.

Including dual-lens capability in the iPhone 7 Plus will help that particular model of the iPhone achieve better zooming, and will particularly improve low-light performance. In addition, it would enable a slimmer design, ensuring that there is no protrusion from the camera, as is the case with the existing iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S.

4.7-inch version not confirmed

At this time, there is no confirmation that Apple will release a smaller 4.7-inch version of the iPhone 7 featuring the dual-lens camera, and it seems reasonable to completely write off this idea from the forthcoming 4-inch iPhone 5SE. Similarly, it is not precisely known why Apple would choose to release two different versions of the iPhone 7 Plus, with the only apparent difference being a somewhat improved camera.

Nonetheless, this will still be an exciting development for Apple fans with serious photography requirements. While it won’t transform the iPhone 7 Plus into a device capable of matching professional photographic standards, it will significantly improve the capabilities of the handset in this department, and could help attract consumers from other smartphone manufacturers.

It looks increasingly likely that the unveiling event for the iPhone 7, in what is expected to be September, will be particularly significant this year. Not only could there be two models of the iPhone Plus device for the first time, but Apple may also be unveiling the second iteration of its Apple Watch series. Rumors are rife that Apple will delay the announcement of the Apple Watch 2, and choose not to release it alongside the iPhone 5SE in April. Instead, the Apple Watch 2 could launch alongside the iPhone 7, and these two presumed iterations of the iPhone Plus series.

Although it is extremely early days for the release date of the iPhone 7 to be announced, and Apple is notorious for playing its cards close to its chest, it is still possible to make an educated estimate. Apple often releases new products on a Tuesday, and this suggests that in 2016 that the iPhone 7 could launch on either Tuesday 6 September 2016, or Tuesday 13 September 2016. The smart money looks to be on the latter date, so particularly enthusiastic Apple consumers can start penciling this into their diaries.

In terms of pricing, it has been suggested in some quarters that the iPhone 7 could see a price increase from previous iterations of the smartphone. Apple has frozen the iPhone price point for the last two releases of the iconic smartphone, but his obviously cannot go on indefinitely, particularly as the consumer electronics giant embraces new features and specifications. So although the release of this device is some way in the future, it could be advisable for Apple fans to anticipate a minor increase in price when the iPhone 7 is released.


Aside from this, Apple is expected to improve the display quality of the iPhone 7 when it is released, with pressure to do so coming from more powerful Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia rivals. This should mean that we see the first ever quad HD mobile From Apple when the iPhone 7 Plus is released, and also the smartphone version of the iPhone 7 range is also likely to be upgraded to full HD.

Edge-to-edge display

It is also believed that Apple is considering an edge-to-edge display for the iPhone 7, possibly as something of a response to the extremely popular Samsung Galaxy Edge range. While this wouldn’t be a curved variant of the iPhone as such, it would represent a significant design innovation from a previous iPhone handsets, and would enable Apple to eliminate bezels from the design completely.

Already some concept devices with this particular feature have been produced, and it is thought that this would enable Apple to produce a smaller and lighter iPhone, rather than increasing the size of the display. This would certainly fit in with the fashion and trends of the general consumer electronics industry, and enable Apple to remain ahead of its competitors in design parameters.

Headphone jack eliminated

Another prominent rumor in recent weeks is that Apple will completely remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 when it is released. This may seem like a strange decision, but it seems that Apple has a new form of wireless technology in mind, that it will launch in collaboration with new music features and products.

Waterproof and dustproof

The iPhone 7 has also been strongly linked with improved waterproofing and dustproofing, not least because Apple is expected to step up the health-tracking functionality of its product range this year. Even though it is also anticipated that Apple will attempt to emphasize that its Apple Watch 2 smartwatch is more of a standalone device in 2016, this would make even more sense should the smartwatch indeed launches alongside the smartphone as anticipated.

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