Many iPhone 6S Users Are Losing Data, But Apple Is Mum

Many iPhone 6S Users Are Losing Data, But Apple Is Mum

A large number of iPhone 6S users have reported that they are losing data after restoring from iCloud. Widespread complaints in Apple Support Communities suggest that users find their messages and recent calls data missing when they restore from iCloud. Apple Insider independently verified the problem.

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iPhone 6S users losing health records, browsing history

Some iPhone 6S users said they lost additional data such as Safari browsing history and health statistics. Apple Insider claims that many people within Apple have also suffered the same problem. When Gordon Kelly of Forbes reached out to Apple regarding the issue, the official response was “No Comment.” What is causing the issue is still unclear, though some claim that it could be due to iCloud backup errors in iOS 9.

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Both the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were affected by the issue. Most users said they faced the issue when restoring their replacement iPhone 6S from an existing iPhone 6S backup. Some others said the iCloud backup was being corrupted. One way to make sure that you don’t lose data is to update both your replacement and original iPhone 6S to iOS 9.1, run a fresh backup on the original iPhone. Next, reset your replacement device to factory settings.

Older iPhone models not affected by the issue

Another way is to use the local iTunes backup. Apple support members told customers that they were aware of the issue, but they didn’t give any official workarounds or timelines for a bug fix. Surprisingly, users of older iPhone models have not reported any issues at all. The iOS 9.2 is already in beta testing, it may bring a fix to the issue. Or Apple may push out an immediate fix via a smaller update.

Earlier this week, Google disabled third-party keyboards on its Chrome for iOS app due to iOS 9 bugs. The iOS 9 has been marred with bugs ever since its release in September, though the software’s adoption rate has climbed to a record 66%.

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