Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple Analyst Extraordinaire

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Ming-Chi Kuo has made a name for himself thanks to a strong track record of predicting Apple’s latest releases.

If the Apple iPhone 6S does not feature a 12 megapixel camera, 2GB RAM, Force Touch display and a durable aluminum build, many people will be surprised, writes Alex Heath for Cult of Mac. It may seem strange to be able to predict with such certainty the features of a smartphone which is months away from being released, but the information comes from famed Apple analyst Kuo.

Apple: Consistently accurate information makes Kuo an authority

It sometimes appears that a parallel industry entirely dedicated to tech rumors survives based on our excitement about the latest releases from Apple, Samsung and others. In among the wild speculation and hopeful pronouncements, one man has quietly become an authority on all things Apple.

Kuo, who works as an analyst for KGI Securities, has developed a reputation for revealing Apple’s plans months before the company makes an official announcement. His streak of successful predictions has showed no sign of abating, even as Apple CEO Tim Cook promised to tighten up security and prevent leaks.

The analyst himself appears to be as secretive as Apple; only three photos of Kuo can be found online. However Cult of Mac has done some digging and revealed that Kuo worked for Concord Securities and DigiTimes Research before moving across to KGI in 2012.

Predictions sometimes made a full year in advance

Not only does he have an impressive record on Apple products, Kuo also correctly predicted the release of an Amazon smartphone 3 months before any official announcement.

Quite how Kuo is so successful remains a mystery, but he continues to provide accurate information from his base in Taiwan. Sometimes he has even given us a heads up on Apple’s plans a full year in advance.

One example of his skill is his April 2014 prediction that two new iPhone 6 models would be released, as well as an Apple Watch in two different sizes. A full year before the Watch was released, Kuo correctly predicted that it would feature a sapphire display, NFC chip and wireless charging.

A nearly perfect record in predicting Apple hardware developments mean that Kuo is now seen as the authority on everything related to Apple, so keep your eye out for his next report.

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