Apple Planning To Compete With Google Fiber [REPORT]

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Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is set for this week, and rumors about what to expect have been flying fast and furiously. This morning there’s actually a new rumor to add to the stack.

Apple’s high-speed network to support services

It sounds like Apple is planning to roll out its own high-speed internet network at some point, although perhaps not at WWDC. However, the network may be needed in order to support the streaming music or TV services Apple is rumored to be planning to show off this week.

Peter Burrows of Bloomberg reports that in addition to building out a high speed internet network that will be similar to Google Fiber, Apple is also planning to upgrade the way it builds its data centers. The purpose of those upgrades is to better compete with Microsoft and Amazon.

Apple using traditional services now

Apple has been using traditional providers and suppliers to support iTunes, iCloud, Siri and other services. According to Burrows’ sources, the company will stay with most of the vendors it uses now but is planning to build up its infrastructure.

His sources further said that a stronger infrastructure is needed in order to support the streaming music service Apple will reportedly show off this week. It’s been rumored for some time that Apple will unveil a music streaming service at WWDC.

There have also been murmurings that the company will show off a streaming music service, possibly at WWDC. Bloomberg’s sources claim that there is a streaming TV service that will be rolled out later this year.

Apple concerned about user experience

Apple is reportedly seeking to reduce or possible eliminate glitches in its streaming services by improving its infrastructure. The best way to do this is to assert more control over the delivery of its content, as currently the company does not have any control over, IHS Infonetics Research analyst Andrew Schmitt told Bloomberg.

By upgrading its own infrastructure and data centers, Apple can gain control over this piece of the user experience, especially in order to improve the experience of a much more intensive service like streaming music and videos.

It’s believed that the company will spend billions of dollars on infrastructure improvements. Just last year, Apple poured $1 billion into improving its data centers.

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