Apple, record labels still negotiating deal ahead of WWDC

Apple is reportedly making last-minute arrangements for next week’s big music service debut. The Cupertino-based tech giant has supposedly been working toward launching a music streaming service for years now, but the negotiations are reportedly just now coming together.

Apple, record labels still negotiating deal ahead of WWDC
Source: Pixabay

Apple prepares for music streaming service

Apple is said to be hoping to reach deals with many record labels before the big launch. The labels ultimately want to make more money with the new service than they earn from rivals like Spotify. Apple’s initial goal was to charge a monthly $8 fee, but the record labels apparently prompted the company to charge the standard $10 price.

It was reported that the company will pair the new music service with iTunes Radio and add other features, including video content and rich social media features. A few music artists reportedly let Apple videotape footage during recording sessions. It is crucial for Apple to find ways to offer something more than just a library of songs to stream in order to differentiate itself from rivals.

Apple’s big rival Spotify recently started offering video content from a variety of media sources in efforts to become a larger entertainment hub.

Focus shifts from TV to music

Now that the iPhone maker had to put the new Apple TV on hold for now, the company needs to focus on something else, and that’s the music service. Last year, the tech giant purchased Beats for $3 billion in hopes of merging the company’s music streaming service with iTunes. The tech giant already launched iTunes Radio a few years ago as an alternative to other personalized radio services like Pandora.

Apple first changed the music industry back in 2001 with the launch of iTunes. In the 14 years since the launch, compact disc sales have significantly declined. Today most music fans download individual tracks or stream songs from a music app on their smartphone.