Apple Inc. Event on March 9: What To Expect

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Apple invited the media to a big event on March 9, and naturally everyone has thoughts about what the company might unveil. The Apple Watch will probably be a major attraction at the event, which Apple is calling “Spring Forward.” It makes sense since that phrase has to do with the U.S. time change, and the time change is set for the day before the event.

But what else can we expect? Let’s take a look at some of the speculations.

More on the Apple Watch

Apple unveiled its smartwatch this past fall, but there were many details lacking, like the length of the battery life, which management was understandably unwilling to reveal at that time. Also the pricing for the Apple Watch was mostly kept under wraps, as the company would only say that the least expensive model will start out at $349. It’s unclear how much the more expensive models will cost, but that hasn’t kept analysts from taking a stab at how much Apple might charge.

Some of the things we already do know about the Apple Watch include the fact that there are many choices for straps, including an 18-karat gold strap. Also it is expected to come equipped with some health-related sensors.

The Apple Watch is expected to land on the market next month. The company could also unveil some peripheral devices and highlight some more of its functions.

A topic that’s related to the Apple Watch is iOS 8.2, which brings with it some functionalities designed to go along with the smartwatch. The companion app will come along with it

iPad Pro unveiling?

One product Apple has been rumored to be developing for some time is a 12- or 13-inch iPad Pro. It’s believed that this hybrid tablet – laptop device will land on the market sometime this year. In fact, Bloomberg reported earlier this year that mass production of the larger iPad may already be underway. If that’s the case, it seems pretty likely that the Spring Forward event will include the unveiling of the rumored iPad Pro.

The tablet could have a 2K display, stylus, 64-bit processor and ultra-slim design.

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