What Will Be The Price Of Apple Watch?

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Apple’s most expensive version of the highly anticipated smartwatch may be significantly more than expected. Gene Munster (an analyst with Piper Jaffray) recently broke down what he expects the pricing to be for all three versions. He started off with the basic Apple Watch, which Apple has said starts at a price of $349; he estimates the combined average sales price could be more, from $550 to $600.

Prices and predictions for Apple Watch

Munster predicts the Apple Watch Sport could be the least expensive version, particularly the aluminum and glass version. He estimates the average sale price to be $450 after based on the type of case or alternative storage options.

The most expensive Apple Watch option is the Edition, which could start at $4,999 but may cost closer to $7,500 for the straps covered in precious metals.

Munster based his estimations on current pricing for the iPhone 6 silicone cases that start at $35. He predicts that elastomer straps for the upcoming Apple Watch will start at a similar price range of $29 to $35. Leather bands are expected to cost more; Munster estimates these bands will cost $49 to $59. The price range for metal bands is harder to predict, but he estimates that the steel version will retail for $99 and gold bands could retail up to thousands of dollars.

Sale number predictions

The analyst further estimated that over half (55%) of the bands purchased could be elastomer, while 35% could be leather. He also thinks 10% of the bands will feature a steel construction. Munster claims if half of all Apple Watch buyers purchased a band, the accessory range would boost Apple’s watch category to a $575 average sale price. Should customers purchase an additional watch strap, the average sale price could reach $600.

The budget-friendly Apple Sport Watch is predicted to make up 55% of smartwatch sales, and the mid-priced Apple Watch is estimated to take 45%. These predictions leave minimal room for the upscale Apple Watch Edition, but Munster thinks it could sell a total of 10,000 units this year alone.

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