iPhone 5 With Retina Display Rumored To Release In Q2

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The wait for the iPhone 5 just seems to keep getting longer and more painful doesn’t it? Before Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) announced iPhone 4S, many of us thought that the Cupertino based tech giants would launch an iPhone 5 carrying a 4-inch screen.

Unfortunately it did not happen, and the consumers were presented with a Siri-incorporated iPhone labelled as 4s. Once again, we have been hit by a wave of reports and rumors that details a more exciting story. This time, an unverified source claims that, “Apple has decided on the bigger 4.6-inch display for its next iPhone and started placing orders to its suppliers”.

iPhone 5 With Retina Display Rumored To Release In Q2

On Wednesday, Reuters reported  citing a South Korean Newspaper the following:

“Apple Inc’s new iPhone will have a sharper and bigger 4.6-inch “retina” display and is set to be launched around the second quarter”

The major screen manufacturers of Apple Inc. has declined to comment on this report.

There are also other rumors and reports that suggest iPhone 5 might come with the same 4G LTE technology that is included in the new iPad.  Unfortunately, the rumor further states that the LTE-equipped iPhone like the LTE-iPad might face problems with the roaming. The problems are reported to arise due to the difference in frequency bands in the regions (Read more about frequency/roaming issues here).

What if iPhone 5 is going to have a bigger screen?

Then we have one important question for the readers? Is screen size the only change you want to see in your iPhone 5 or are there some other cool features, which you want to add to the next iteration of iPhone? Furthermore, is too large of a phone/screen a negative or positive thing. Share your iPhone 5 wishlist with us using the comments box below.

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