iPhone 5 With 4G LTE To Be Released In The Second Half of 2012

iPhone 5 With 4G LTE To Be Released In The Second Half of 2012
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iPhone 5 With 4G LTE To Be Released In The Second Half of 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) launched the new iPad with the latest wireless technology, 4G LTE. And many reports and rumors hints that iPhone 5 might also come with the same 4G LTE technology. LTE is actually a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data; this is for data terminals and mobile phones. 4G is a system that provides mobile ultra-broadband internet access, and provides gaming services, IP telephony, HD mobile TV, video conferencing, among other things.

To be precise, iPhone 5 is reported to be released around September or October of this year. The new iPhone is expected to have similar technology like the new iPad. But it might also include other changes such as, a bigger screen with Gorilla Glass 2.0 and of course a better camera and battery life. There are rumors which imply that Apple might change the case and antenna system too.

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It seems that many other smartphone manufacturers are expected to add the LTE technology to their new phones. According to Taiwan-based smartphone makers, vendors are right now making around 25 – 30 million units of LTE-enabled smartphones, which is expected to grow upto 45 – 50 million units in 2012.

According to Digitimes, The iPad can only support LTE networks in North America, this is because of the difference on frequency bands in each country. The frequency bands that are supported and used at the moment in each region are:

  • North America – Uses 700MHz and 2,100MHz
  • Asia Pacific – 800MHz and 2,100MHz
  • Eastern Europe – 800MHz, 1,800MHz, 2,300MHz and 2,600MHz
  • Western Europe, Middle East and Africa – 800MHz and 2,600MHz

So the bad news is that if the LTE smartphone does not support the frequency bands used on a specific region, users won’t be able to use it for roaming.

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