Sony Is Offering Refunds After Reports About Anthem Crashing PS4

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Anthem has had a rocky launch with players reporting all sorts of problems, including technical issues, loot drop controversies and more. Things do not seem to be improving, either for the game or its developer BioWare. Now reports suggest Sony is offering a full refund to console owners due to the growing number of complaints about Anthem crashing the PS4.

Anthem is crashing the PS4 and may even brick the console

Many PS4 owners have complained that Anthem is not only crashing the PS4 but also shutting it down completely. Users say after they try to close the app through the PS4 menu, the console shuts down as if the plug had been pulled out. Since the system is shutting down incorrectly, the chances of damage to the console occurring increase.

Although some Xbox One owners are reporting the same issue, there aren’t any reports of them getting a refund. However, many PS4 users claim on Reddit that they were able to get a full refund for the game from the Japanese company.

“Sony is aware of the issue and is offering a complete refund on Anthem no questions asked. Took me 5 minutes,” said one Redditor.

Users say Sony is offering refunds “right away” when they tell customer service about Anthem crashing their PS4. All that Sony representatives are asking is some account-related information, one user said.

Is Sony really offering refunds?

It comes as a surprise that Sony would be offering a refund so easily since the Japanese company is known to have one of the strictest refund policies. Sony’s return policy for digital items say a player can cancel the purchase of digital content within 14 days from the date of the transaction, provided “they have not started downloading or streaming it.”

An exception to this rule is if the firm considers the content to be “faulty.” In such a case, players are eligible for a refund even after using the product. The last time it processed such refund requests was with the release of No Man’s Sky. At the time, Sony issued refunds because the game turned out to be defective.

BioWare’s Anthem appears to be heading down the same path. However, not all players have been able to get a refund for the game.

“I tried with Sony Support (chat) and was refused a refund. So, this doesnt [sic] seem to working for most of us,” said one Redditor.

Some say the company simply advised them to stop playing the game.

We hope EA is aware of the issue and releases a fix soon before it turns into a major disaster. The good news for now is that it doesn’t sound like Anthem is crashing PS4 or Xbox One consoles around the globe. Many are able to play the game without any glitches on their current consoles.

The game is available on PCs, the PS4 and the Xbox One.

Will EA shut down BioWare?

BioWare’s future reportedly depends on the success of Anthem. After ongoing issues with the game and poor sales, there were concerns that Electronic Arts would shut down the studio. However, it seems EA isn’t planning any such thing, at least not yet.

In response to a tweet from a fan about BioWare’s future, Anthem producer Michael Gamble said fans should not worry about EA shutting down the studio:

Gamble didn’t clarify whether the “support” he mentioned is from EA or from fans. He also talked about their plans to continue supporting the game.

Hopefully the developer is able to fix the issue and keep its commitment to improving the game and making it more fun in the coming months. A couple of weeks ago, the developer released a 90-day post-launch roadmap revealing new content and events coming to the game. In March the game is expected to get the Mastery System, new strongholds, new Legendary Missions, events, leaderboards, guilds and more. However, these additions will be meaningless if the current issues are not resolved.

After Anthem, BioWare will likely go back to the Dragon Age franchise. The studio has already revealed that a Dragon Age game is in the works. Although there is no information on the upcoming Dragon Age title, it could be the studio’s first next-gen title if Anthem fails to gain popularity.

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