Anthem Legion Of Dawn Items Not Showing Up – Try These Workarounds

Anthem Legion Of Dawn Items Not Showing Up – Try These Workarounds
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One of the primary motives behind preordering the Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition is the added items that come along with it. However, for many players, the Legion of Dawn items aren’t showing up despite doing all the necessary requirements.

Legion of Dawn items not showing – what to do?

Many players are facing the same issue, as noted by tech site Piunikaweb. Affected users have taken to social media platforms, including Twitter, to complain about the Legion of Dawn items not showing up.

Some users say that the armor is not showing up for them, while others complain of bonuses not appearing under the rewards. “Im currently playing anthem and it seems I don’t have my legion of dawn armor for my ranger even though I pre-ordered. Please explain,” tweeted one user.

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There have been several similar complaints suggesting many players are affected by the Legion of Dawn items not showing up issue. As of now, there is no information of what’s causing the issue, but the good thing is that the developer is aware of the issue.

“The team is looking into the #AnthemGame Legion of Dawn items not showing up on Xbox One. I’ll share more info soon,” Global Community Manager for the Anthem game, Jesse Anderson, said in a tweet.

Moreover, the team also offered a workaround until they come up with a permanent fix. The team recommends closing the game first and then go to “Manage game & add-ons,” and uninstall the pre-order and Anthem LOD. Next, users need to reinstall both the items and reboot the game.

“… your LOD items will be available under the rewards tab in the store,” Jesse tweets.

Along with the official workaround, some users have also suggested a trick that worked for them. The trick involves uninstalling and re-installing the LoD add-on and preorder bonus.

So far there are mixed reports from the users who tried the above workarounds. It appears the workarounds are not working for everyone. Those still experiencing the issue are advised to lodge a complaint with the developer and wait for the fix.

How to unlock Anthem Legion of Dawn items?

As said before, Legion of Dawn items are the main attraction for pre-ordering the game. However, just pre-ordering the game is not enough to access these items. The Legion of Dawn items become available once you reach a specific point in-game.

For those who are not sure how to unlock Legion of Dawn items, we have explained below the things that you need to do to unlock the items. It must be noted that this explanation is for users who haven’t yet tried to unlock Legion of Dawn items, and not for those experiencing the above issue.

So, to unlock Legion of Dawn items, you will first have to complete the tutorial missions, and then talk to a character named Prospero, whom you will find in the market area of the Fort Tarsis hub. You will have to complete one quick mission for Prospero. Once you complete the mission, you will get the items.

Specifically, Prospero will ask you to go into the Bastion and collect three Ember pieces as part of the mission called “Lighting a Fire.” A quick way to complete the mission is to visit abandoned camps in Freeplay and go to any structure in the surrounding area.

Next, search all the chests and organics in the structure and if you are lucky, Ember will drop out of them. Also, you can get Ember from the world event chests. So, if you come across any such events, do join in.

Once you find three Ember pieces, exit free play, and return to Fort Tarsis and then to Prospero. This will unlock the store and crafting. Now, move over to the rewards tab, where you will see rewards waiting for you.

What items you can get?

Based on EA’s own listings, these are all the possible bonuses that you can get: Ranger Armor Pack and Legendary Weapon, including Helmet, Torso, Arms and Legs as well as the Light of the Legion legendary weapon. The bonus items also include your Legion of Dawn vinyl and metal.

Players can also get the Founders Player Banner, which can be equipped via the Squad Screen, and the Ranger Javelin Exosuit Legendary Gear Attachment. Another bonus item also includes the “Anthem Digital Soundtrack,” which can be downloaded via Origin.

To know more about the items you can get with the Legion of Dawn Edition visit this link.

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