The Amvona Fund Up 22% In May After 17% Gain In April

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Lemelson Capital received further coverage this week in SeekingAlpha market currents, Evestment, Hedge Fund Group (HFG), and other mainstream and financial media.

LCM also released its May 2014 results with a 22.26% (16.29% net) YTD showing against 4.97% for the benchmark S & P 500 Total return index, which includes dividends. The hedge fund had a 17% return in the month of April.

From inception in September 2012 through May 2014 (21 months) – The Amvona Fund, LP has returned a Compounded Annual Gain of 85.15% (58.51% net) and an Overall Gain of 193.65% (123.90% net).

Amvona Fund Summary

The Partnership’s investment objective is to achieve better than average returns by investing in common stocks of fundamentally sound companies that are run by superior managers and are selling at a substantial discount to “intrinsic values.” The Investment Strategy is based on an investment philosophy that believes financial markets are basically efficient in properly appraising the value of most companies in the long run, but that securities are often mispriced in the near term. Therefore, at times solid enterprises run by good managers become available at a significant discount to their “intrinsic values.” By purchasing securities under these conditions, the Partnership seeks to greatly reduce the risk of loss to its principle, while consistently earning above average returns.


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