Action Score Performance YTD And What We’re Reading

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Action Score Performance YTD And What We’re Reading by Jae Jun, Old School Value

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I know you’re busy.

With so much to read and catch up on, I’ll be sending out a weekly email with curated links of what I’m reading and doing.

I mentioned before to email subscribers that I’ve started to customize people who receive email into groups to determine who receives what.

There are people who don’t want too many emails or articles – maybe 1 a week.

And then there are others who want to hear from me everyday

The avid readers have been put into the VIP A-list and will receive additional content and information via email that nobody else receives. Don’t plan to offer the content via the blog. If you want to be in the list, make sure you are subscribed via email.

Just a way of showing my appreciation to the A list people.

People who don’t open emails too often will be placed into “B” list to receive shorter and easier content to digest. That way I don’t overwhelm you with content.

Action Score Performance YTD – Old School Value Online Updates

It’s been a few months since OSV Online was quietly rolled out and things are going great.

The virtual portfolio I created to track the top 20 Action Scores at the beginning of the year is up +10.85% (price return).

  • Action Score stocks: +10.85% YTD (price return)
  • Quality Score stocks: +13.65% YTD (price return)
  • Value Score stocks: +2.64% YTD (price return)
  • Growth Score stocks: +9.16% YTD (price return)
  • S&P500: +8.4% (total return)

All current OSV Insiders are locked in to their existing rates. But prices will go up starting Oct 1 and lower tiered plans will be introduced.

If you’ve been on the fence, there isn’t a better time to check it out and see whether it will work for you.

I’ll be providing YTD results for the Action Scores and our value screeners.

Altman Z + Beneish M Score Released

Last month we added the Altman Z and Beneish M Score calculator to OSV Online. If you haven’t seen or used it, go check it out.

Altman Z Score Calculator and Analysis

The competitor comparison feature is also coming later month allowing you to compare historicals and charts side by side.

This will help you see and compare the full picture instead of assuming you know which one is better.

Action Score, Altman Z Score, Beneish M Score

Compare Competitors Side by Side with Charts

That’s what’s been going on at Old School Value, now here are the links that I’ve been reading/writing.

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Recent Books I’ve Read

What We’re Reading in the Media

My Answers on Quora

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