A Look Inside The Artistic Genius Of Evaldas Gulbinas

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Evaldas Gulbinas was born in Lithuania and now resides and works in London, United Kingdom. Evaldas returned to Lithuania and completed two art schools. He then relocated to London, where he earned a Foundation of Art and Design degree from West Thames College and a Bachelor of Fine Art-Mixed Media degree from the University of Westminster.

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Evaldas Gulbinas: Today's Sarcastic Picture Of Lockdown

Evaldas Gulbinas is now pursuing a Master's degree in Fine Art at the University of the Arts London's Chelsea College of Art. Additionally, he is successfully working through many tattoo parlours while pursuing his academic degrees. Currently, during the COVID-19 outbreak, he is working and investigating the materials he may utilise to produce art.

Using any resources that appropriate the concept of today's sarcastic picture of lockdown in London, England, makes it interesting " Making art—whether it's sculpture, drawings, tattoos, paintings, installations, digital drawings, or mixed media—is an energising experience. The work is motivated by a smorgasbord of ideas that spontaneously arise in daily living.

Coming visions to the head are vital in the process of creation. Investigating concepts such as depression, anxiety, cuteness, happiness, tragedy, and love. The majority of artwork depicts scenarios that are sardonic or humorous. Inspiration comes in the form of various genres of music, films, and other artists. Creating one's own universe through the use of various materials—typically, attempting to finish a body of work in a clean and appealing manner.

Frequently, it employs many ideas to bring complexity into the work's simple form. Observing the modern moment—creating and utilising materials that complement the surrounding environment. The objective of the artwork is to observe how the audience reacts when they express the concept concealed within the artwork's structure.

The artist takes keen interest in tattooing since it allows me to develop technical and contextual skills. Specializing in traditional tattooing, dot work, abstract, cubism, colour, oriental, and fine line tattooing. Most likely, a fusion of styles. Typically, style duplicates a variety of ideas that are contextualised in a variety of feelings and moods.

Meeting New People

According to him, drawing tattoos allow him to meet new people, each with their own unique storey and conversation. Generally, more imaginative invention is given to the artwork—to allow the artist to explore the concept in his or her own unique way. Tattooing precludes the incorporation of techniques such as communication and language into art. Additionally, it converts it from tattooing to art. Often, perceiving the concept in the environment and reproducing it in the thing.

He is drawn towards the interaction of ideas and materials, especially on " how it can function together." Occasionally, it employs random elements – which can be found anywhere – to advance in abilities replicated by the environment – most often reflecting notions from people, animals, nature, and city life in the art.

Emotions play a significant role in the process of creation. It's fascinating to create sculpture since it provides the gratification of complete creation for a body of work. I'm immersed in painting and drawing, which he uses to convey creativity and communicate with the viewer. Making installations and mixed media art enables to develop, push limits, and demonstrate work to an audience. The installation's objective is to observe the environment.

Generally, work activity is contextualised in relation to contemporary time. It presents—the concept of contemporary societies or cultural issues.

Euclidean Forms

The artist's primary preoccupation is Euclidean forms, which are processed in a variety of ways to create aspects of painting, sculpture, and installations, as well as tattoo art featured in the presentation. We can notice a wonderful play of colours and forms in these paintings, geometric impressions by Evaldas Gulbinas.

They capture our attention with precision, brightness, and flashiness because they are disconnected from three-dimensional reality. His works incorporate a strong abstract art concept with modern art elements such as light sculptures, minimalist concepts, and the relationship between art, craft, and tattooing.

Evaldas Gulbinas art is an intangible but palpable link to dance and house music — the neon lights in his artworks pulsate in time with the beat of the music, producing an endless vibration of colours.

His art, crafts and tattoos are drenched in thought provoking details and features. His work of majestic art swings between aggression and subtlety, love and hate, happiness and sorrow. They convey bold and hidden messages which cannot be communicated through mere words, verses, statements or texts.

Art admirers are different. Their one gaze at a masterpiece stirs up a flow of mixed emotions in their cerebral cortex. They tend to find meanings and messages through artwork. They like to breakdown what the artist is trying to convey through his work. Following that, it now depends on the artist as to how and what message he is trying to transmit through his illustration, sculptures or other forms of art.

Be it drawings, paintings, illustrations, sculptures, mixed media, crafts or tattoos, Evaldas Gulbinas has excelled in creating sublime pieces which extensively steals the attention of the spectator. He has a strong grip on colours, dimensions, materials and other aspects of creating art pieces and tattoos.

The top-notch artist’s masterpieces exhibit emotions, notions, cultures, life lessons, thoughts of wisdom and whatnot. Encompassing mixed styles and trends, Evaldas’s work of magnificent art poses different moods for every viewer. Sometimes saturated in colours and sometimes consisting only blacks and whites, his work of art floats between highs and lows.