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8 Sectors That May Benefit From Translation Services More Than Others

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In the age of globalization, progress, and innovations, many companies benefit from using translation and localization. Here is who benefit most of all.

Companies that underestimate the role of translation services and website localization will not achieve success in the global arena. While some organizations use free converting tools, others recruit entire teams to make their customers understand their messages.


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Dozens of basic languages throughout the world make us learn more than 1-2 languages since the very childhood. However, only those who study them in-depth can get well-paid jobs from the best organizations. Most of the businesses today go global, trying to conquer new markets. Some are more reliant on translators than others, and here is the list of industries that benefit from hiring such experts more than others.

Information Technologies (IT)

Computer technologies are growing with the speed of light. Organizations involved in the sector of IT have to manage hundreds or even thousands of projects globally on an everyday basis. As they operate worldwide, they all need professional translation services that offer individuals with fluent knowledge of different languages.

From creative translation to technical translation, companies worldwide look for the top experts to implement their projects and overcome language barriers. This way, it is possible to meet the needs of their customers no matter where they come from. Having no in-depth knowledge of the language prevents one from interpreting idioms, slang, or jargon correctly. It is not that easy to obtain proper technical translation expertise, and it is difficult to choose the right candidate during the job interview. In any case, the IT sector requires a proper website translation more than other industries.

Legal and Political Science

If the global vendor offers a company an interesting deal, it will not be able to make the right decision without interpreting the words of the legal documents accurately. The legal information accuracy is what makes the difference. A company risks failing its mission without using the help of translating team.

Tourism and Traveling

Sure, tourism is the sector with the highest demand for translating services and website localization traveling is all about facing different languages and cultures every day. It is hard to imagine the tourism industry without experienced translators and localization services. Pro translators with vast experience and skills as well as extra tools to help organizations and their clients understand each other better and build long-lasting cooperation. Translating services deal with:

  • Brochures
  • Booklets
  • Tech and travel docs
  • Leaflets
  • Terms & condition docs

On the whole, experts in this field convert all types of messages in different languages. With the help of translators, even businesses can realize their products and services in-depth. Finally, translators often follow guides or lead the teams of tourists during their excursions.

Healthcare and Medicine

Translation and interpretation specialists in the sphere of nursing and medicine play a great role as well. Many hospitals serve both local and foreign populations, so their staff should be ready to take care of both sides. Here are some of the examples of what good translators can help within the medical sector:

  • Patient’s record
  • Personal history
  • Prescription info
  • Doctors manual
  • Various guidelines and instructions

The pharmaceutical industry needs such professionals even more. The representatives of this sector have to provide their international customers with instructions in several languages. Such a strategy helps companies to go global and help more people in need.

Real Estate and Hospitality

Ages ago, it was way more complicated and challenging to travel around the world. No matter whether it is a holiday, several days-off, or vacation, tourists analyze all possible options carefully. Many tourists think about other destinations as another home. Sometimes, people who go on vacation may fall in love with a specific country and purchase a real estate. However, they prefer companies that are ready to communicate with them in their native language and understand different cultural aspects. Buying a property abroad is a serious step, and people need some guarantees and trust.

To ensure the clients, companies hire experts to translate sales contracts, leases, and various agreements. It is also important to correspond to the local legal system. Thus, translators working in the field of real estate also have to know the laws and regulations.

Finance and Accounting

Finance, accounting, banking, and audit are several other fields that may need translators. Even if the organization that deals with finance and accounting is domestic, it should be ready to meet clients from different regions of the world. Maybe, some of their international clients would love to take out a mortgage to purchase a house. If it is simple to communicate with the bank manager or at least their assistants who speak several languages, people feel more trust. Any bank employee has to speak at least 1-2 languages if he or she wants to break communication gaps and make successful deals.

The bank will need to learn as much possible information as possible about their clients to ensure a safe deal. It is critical to check whether the client will be able to pay back the credit. To make sure there are no risks when it comes to serving international customers, the bank has to improve their localization teams and translation documents.

Scientific Research and Analysis

Scientific research teams usually consist of professionals who possess solid knowledge of linguistics and can speak several languages fluently. They should also possess an awareness of cultural backgrounds. Not all portions of information are available in all languages. Even though English is an international language, it does not mean any data can be found in it. That is why research centers and agencies require the help of translators from time to time. To distribute essential findings, it is crucial to provide a piece of information in different languages.

Manufacturing Sector

This industry barely uses free translation companies as they realize how critical it is to have clear instructions and descriptions of their products. The manufacturing industry was also one of the first ones to go global. It involves all sorts from the production: from vehicles to industrial equipment. The companies working in this field are also interested in translating legal and technical documentation for their customers. The experts who convert documents for manufacturing organizations should also know the local laws and regulations. They have to deal with contracts, user guidelines, product info, licenses, etc. Even trademarks and slogans should be translated into several most commonly spoken languages of the world. It is critical before exporting goods and services to other regions of the world. For the sake of accuracy, such companies are ready to invest plenty of money in their translating departments.


Yes, most of the industries today cannot deny the benefits they obtain by hiring translation and localization experts. However, manufacturers, scientists, analysts, financial specialists, real estate managers, IT experts, and legal professionals feel the need to hire translators more than anyone else. Translation teams are the integral parts of companies that go global.

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