$20000 Level For Bitcoin Is Just A Number

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A comment on Bitcoin‘s recent record all-time high over $20000 from Matteo Dante Perruccio, Persident International at Wave Financial Group.

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Bitcoin Finally Breaks The $20000 Level

“It’s been sometime in coming, but Bitcoin has finally broken the $20000 level, marking for certain a record all-time high for the digital asset. The recent news of Ruffer IC, the prominent investment manager, diversifying into Bitcoin is certainly contributing to this move and will only serve to pave the way for more institutional investment into digital assets. A recent survey by Bank of America has indicated that one of the most common trades among hedge funds is to buy Bitcoin and sell the US dollar, which should provide continued support.

“While $20,000 is just a number, the real story is that it has only taken 12 years for Bitcoin to become a generally accepted financial asset. It is clear that increasingly investors are embracing Bitcoin as an efficient inflation hedge and either a substitute for or compliment to gold. Whether mainstream retail adoption ever really takes place, there continues to be a strong argument for Bitcoin being seen as not only a legitimate store of value, but an inflation hedge during times of economic uncertainty.

“As regulation continues to evolve and the space matures further, we expect to see continued adoption and capital inflows into digital assets. Wave Financial is perfectly placed to provide regulated asset management solutions to meet this growing HNW and institutional demand.”

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Wave Financial LLC (Wave) is a Los Angeles and London based investment management company that provides institutional digital asset fund products. Led by a team of highly experienced financial services professionals, Wave provides investable funds via their diverse investment strategies applied to digital assets and tokenized real assets. Wave also offers managed accounts for HNWIs and family offices seeking tailored digital asset exposure, treasury management services, and early-stage venture capital and strategic consultation to the digital asset ecosystem.

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