15 Highlights of Warren Buffett on CNBC – February 27, 2017

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Buffett on CNBC: Airlines will get into trouble again if they substantially increase supply (more planes and seats)


Buffett on CNBC: Stocks are pieces of businesses and businesses will be worth more over time.


Buffett on CNBC: Index funds will outperform active managers after fees.

Buffett on CNBC: Berkshire will convert its Bank of America Preferred and warrants into its common stock when its dividends are increased

Buffett on CNBC: No one should buy a 30-year U.S. Treasury bond (3% coupon)

Buffett on CNBC: Sold shares in Wal-Mart because retailing is too tough. Amazon is the major threat. Jeff Bezos is the best businessman

Buffett on CNBC: Since Europe has very low interest rates (negative rates) this puts pressure on U.S. to not raise interest rates too far.

Buffett on CNBC: 3G are the very best at marketing and product development

Buffett on CNBC: Unilever is excellent company that is undervalued. Bid for Unilever was intended to be friendly by BRK and 3G

Buffett on CNBC: 10 Year Treasury trading at over 40 times earnings (2.3%) with no opportunity to grow. Stocks far more attractive.

Buffett on CNBC: purchased most of Apple shares in first 20 days of 2017 (at average price of $120 per share)

Buffett: Combs/Weschler owns shares in American, Buffett owns the other three airlines (Southwest, Delta, United) with stakes less than 10%

Buffett on CNBC: Apple bought back 4% of its shares in 2016

Warren Buffett on CNBC: Apple now second largest common stock holding for Berkshire after Wells Fargo, Berkshire doubled stake in 2017

Warren Buffett on CNBC: Berkshire has $18 billion stake in Apple (92% bought by Buffett, 8% by Combs or Weschler).

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