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$1,000 Stimulus Checks From Minnesota Very Possible Now

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Minnesotans could soon get a new stimulus check, thanks to the election results last month, where Democrats won both the House and the Senate. Now that Democrats fully control the state legislature, it is very possible that $1,000 stimulus checks from Minnesota could be a reality.

Why $1,000 Stimulus Checks From Minnesota Are Possible

During the 2022 midterm election last month, Minnesota’s Democratic Farm Labor Party (DFL) retained its majority in the Minnesota House and won a majority in the Senate. Also, Gov. Tim Walz was able to win reelection. Back in 2013 was the last time a single party (also DFL) controlled all three parts of Minnesota’s state legislature.

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One big advantage of a single party controlling all parts of the state legislature is that it makes it easier to approve proposals since the opposing party doesn’t have enough votes to counter the vote. We saw something similar in 2013, when lawmakers were able to win approval for many major proposals, including all-day free kindergarten and same-sex marriage.

Thus, many believe the latest election results could lead to $1,000 stimulus checks from Minnesota.

There are two reasons why Democrats could go ahead with the stimulus checks. First, Minnesota is still sitting on top of a $9 billion surplus. Thanks to higher tax collection, the state budget office estimated a $9 billion surplus in March.  

Second, Gov. Tim Walz, during his campaign trail speeches, reminded voters of his plan to use the surplus money to send up to $1,000 stimulus checks to individuals and up to $2,000 to couples.

Gov. Walz first proposed sending stimulus checks last year when the 2022 Legislature adjourned without reaching a consensus on how to spend the budget surplus.

“It would be a 15-minute special session, a one-page bill ... It's about $2,000 a family," Gov. Walz said after the talks for a deal with the GOP collapsed. "The biggest thing we can do to improve the quality of life of Minnesotans right now is to put the money back in their hands."

Will Democrats Approve Stimulus Checks?

Even though DFL controls the Legislature and the governor wants to send stimulus checks, there is a slight chance that the proposal to send the stimulus checks from Minnesota may fail. This is because not all DFL members support sending stimulus checks.

House Speaker Melissa Hortman hinted the same when talking on WCCO Sunday morning last month.  

“We have to have 68 votes to get anything through the Minnesota House of Representatives. I'm not sure if we have 68 votes for that," Hortman said. "We haven't had the chance to appoint our tax chair and to figure out whether that's the direction we're ready to go."

So, there is still suspense on the $1,000 stimulus checks from Minnesota. However, what we do know is that the chances of a stimulus checks proposal winning approval are far better now than last time.