$500 Stimulus Check From Credit Union To Help Employees Offset Inflation

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Rising food and gas prices have made life difficult for many people. Though inflation is showing signs of easing, it still is high enough to disrupt the budget of many.

We have already seen several states and counties offering monetary aid to residents to help them offset some of the impacts of inflation. Now, one credit union in Ohio has come forward to help employees beat inflation. About 1200 employees received a $500 stimulus check from credit union Wright-Patt.

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Stimulus Check From Credit Union: What Is It About?

Wright-Patt Credit Union recently used about $600,000 to give $500 partner-employee stimulus checks to around 1,200 employees. This $500 stimulus check from the credit union is a one-time payment.

Tim Mislansky, President and CEO of Wright-Patt, believes that providing monetary help to employees was not only worth it, but important as well.

“We know that our employees are maybe struggling, with the increase cost at the gas station, or at the grocery store, or just in general,” Mislansky said. “So when the credit union does well and the members do well, we always want to take good care of our employees.”

Gas prices in Ohio were up 70 cents on Monday compared to the same time last year, according to the data from AAA.

Will Ohioans Get Inflation Stimulus Checks?

Although these employees are getting stimulus check from their credit union, the state as of now hasn’t announced any fresh stimulus checks. Ohio residents, however, could get $350 stimulus checks going forward if Nan Whaley, who is running for governor this year, wins the election.

A couple of months back, Whaley proposed sending stimulus checks to Ohioans if she wins the governor's election. Whaley is a Democratic nominee for the governor, and will face Republican Gov. Mike DeWine. Elections are not expected to take place until Nov. 8, 2022, and the winner won’t be sworn in before Jan. 9, 2023.

“Ohioans are seeing the cost of nearly everything increase – from record-high gas prices to increasing costs for groceries and other necessities like baby formula. As Governor, Nan would fight to make Ohioans’ bills go down and their pay go up,” Whaley says about the inflation rebate.

As per Whaley’s proposal, single filers would get $350 in stimulus payment, while joint filers would get $700. If Whaley’s proposal is accepted, about 7.4 million Ohioans, or 89% of Ohio families are estimated to get the stimulus money.

Whaley argues that the current governor hasn’t done much to help families amid rising food and gas prices. She even says that the governor has the authority to send stimulus checks, and if DeWine approves her proposal, eligible residents could start getting the money in the next two to three weeks.

DeWine supporters, on the other hand, argue that the governor has helped families by reducing personal income taxes by $2.2 billion.