10 Years of Bitcoin in iGaming in 1 Picture

10 Years of Bitcoin in iGaming in 1 Picture

It’s been a bumpy road, but none of us can deny that BTC has managed to embed itself in the iGaming industry with nothing out there to outperform it in the near future.

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Just 10 years was enough to make BTC such an integral part of the gambling industry, that for many gamblers it’s impossible to imagine their favorite casino without it.

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Years of new partnerships, arguments for transparent and fast transactions have brought us where we are today.

Thanks to the hard word from the team https://bitcoincasinosreviews.com/ we can now view in full light, in just one simple infographic, the journey that blockchain went through to bring us Bitcoin casinos we know and love today.

Will it continue growing?

Dozens of online casinos as well as brick and mortar venues are making commitments to somehow integrate BTC on their slot machines or any other games they can. The biggest casino game manufacturer in the world, IGT, recently filed for a patent on integrating blockchain technology on its slot machines.

It’s likely that more companies will start either considering or actively implementing new blockchain features on their platforms.

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