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Twitter Finds More Than 200 Russia Linked Accounts

After Facebook’s self-declaration, now Twitter has announced that it had found 201 Russia linked accounts. The micro-blogging site stated that out of the 450 Russia linked accounts declared by Facebook, it found 201 corresponding accounts on its platform. A few […]

How To Enable Twitter’s 280 Characters Limit

How To Enable Twitter’s 280 Characters Limit

As only a selected few have access to Twitter’s 280-character limit, other users are wondering whether there is a way to enable Twitter’s 280 characters limit and how hard it could be. Attempting to squeeze your sentences within 140 characters […]

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Why Is Twitter Increasing Characters To 280?

While many users of the platform are thrilled about Twitter increasing characters to 280, some users have taken this information with a reserve. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, as it allows users to express their […]