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Twitter And The Financial Marketplace Of Ideas

Twitter And The Financial Marketplace Of Ideas by Lawrence Hamtil, Fortune Financial “Few, if any, of the great advances in human civilization have come from isolated peoples.”   – Thomas Sowell, “Race, Culture, and Equality“ A few years ago, I […]

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Twitter Inc In Talks For Apple TV App To Stream NFL

Twitter is in discussions with Apple to launch a Twitter app for the Apple TV that will allow users to watch NFL games on Apple’s set-top box, reports The New York Times. The micro-blogging platform owns the rights to stream Thursday night National […]

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Twitter Trolling Is Dampening The Olympics

Twitter is capable of everything, even putting a damper on the world’s most-anticipated athletic event. Fans who were quite excited about joining the virtual live analysis of events like gymnastics and cycling are now not so happy with the increasing number […]

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Trump Takes On Obama In Late-Night Twitter Action

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump dismissed the latest criticisms of President Barack Obama in another late-night tweetstorm. Trump doubled his accusations of terror funding and election funding, according to Politico. Late-night Twitter flurry On Thursday during a press conference, Obama swiftly rejected Trump’s […]