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The Once And Future Deal For Twitter

The Once And Future Deal For Twitter

Twitter’s stock (NYSE: TWTR) has been hovering around the mid-to-upper teens since its most recent peak at roughly $25 per share during the height of acquisition chatter in early October. But who knows where Twitter will be once 4Q earnings […]

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Twitter Testing A Timeline-Like Layout For Moments

Twitter intends to change the layout for its Moments and is testing a new one currently. The new layout showcases related tweets in a timeline-like format instead of its de facto flipbook-style. However, there is no guarantee that the layout will actually […]

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This Twitter Clone Has Announced Its End

Twitter rival and ambitious social network app App.net announced recently that it is shutting down. The timely rise and fall of the social network is highly symbolic as its once-competitor, Twitter, is continuing to struggle even now with content management, […]