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By Katrina.Tuliao (https://www.tradergroup.org) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Why European High-Yield ETFs Don’t Deliver

There’s value and opportunity in European high-yield bonds today. But if you’re considering using an exchange-traded fund (ETF) to tap into the market, you may want to think again. The reason is simple: Europe’s largest high-yield ETF has consistently underperformed […]

RBI takes away the punchbowl

RBI takes away the punchbowl

What good is a central banker which keeps interest rate high enough that kills market volaility,the lifeblood of traders , deprive media of sound bytes, hurt asset owners (basically rich guys)  and favors long term effect on real economy over […]

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Can Government Be Run Like A Business?

Wharton’s Peter Conti-Brown and Philip Joyce of the University of Maryland discuss the idea of government being run as a business. Many political observers have argued for years that the federal government, with its multitrillion-dollar budget, should be run more […]