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Why European High-Yield ETFs Don't Deliver

There’s value and opportunity in European high-yield bonds today. But if you’re considering using an exchange-traded fund (ETF) to tap into the market, you may want to think again. The reason is simple: Europe’s largest high-yield ETF has consistently underperformed […]

ChartBrief #56 – Seasons of the VIX

ChartBrief #56 – Seasons of the VIX

The CBOE VIX or volatility index has ground down to very low levels, and as noted in the recent S&P500 #ChartStorm a series of signals and indicators are starting to light up that say the VIX is too low and […]

RBI takes away the punchbowl

RBI takes away the punchbowl

Image source: Pixabay ShareTweetPostFlip What good is a central banker which keeps interest rate high enough that kills market volaility,the lifeblood of traders , deprive media of sound bytes, hurt asset owners (basically rich guys)  and favors long term effect […]

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Can Government Be Run Like A Business?

Wharton’s Peter Conti-Brown and Philip Joyce of the University of Maryland discuss the idea of government being run as a business. Many political observers have argued for years that the federal government, with its multitrillion-dollar budget, should be run more […]

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How bankers helped National Socialism

Editor’s note: For an excellent book which makes strong arguments against the big business funding National Socialism thesis in this article see Henry Ashby Turner, German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler. Nazism would not have played a significant […]