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Pushy Parenting Leads To Self-Criticism

A new study from Singapore has found that pushy parenting can increase the levels of self-criticism and even lead to depression and anxiety in their children. The study from Singapore The study was conducted over five years by the National […]

Google Buys Slack-Like Singaporean Startup Pie

Google is making a lot of efforts to bring more and more people across Asia online. Opening an engineering hub in Singapore is the company’s latest strategy, it announced Thursday. On the same day, the company said it acquired the startup […]

Sins of Investing – Part 1 (Lust)

Sins of Investing – Part 1 (Lust)

Having covered on the Seven Sins of Fund Management previously, I would be covering on the Seven Sins of Investing. Investors have been constantly making the same mistakes that have landed them in trouble for decades. They are either enticed by the […]