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Cow Urine A Precious Commodity In India

It might sound bizarre, but distilled urine from female cows is worth as much as milk in India. The indigenous Indian Bos indicus cows are considered sacred by Hindus, and their urine has become increasingly valuable. In recent years prices have […]

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Pakistan Supports, India Fails Kashmir

Kashmir is back in the news and once again a potential powder-keg with most blaming India for the newest cycle of violence in a region that has been omnipresent since India and Pakistan became separate nations. Many believe that the […]

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Bangladesh Earthquake Threatens 140M Lives

Scientists have revealed that as many as 140 million lives could be at risk if a massive earthquake strikes Bangladesh. A new study shows that there is pressure building along a fault line under the country, which is the world’s most […]

Managed Futures Excel In Wake Of BREXIT Vote

Managed Futures Excel In Wake Of BREXIT Vote

Managed Futures Excel In Wake Of BREXIT Vote by eVestment Summary In the aftermath of the UK’s vote to leave the EU, systematic strategies, operating in both managed futures and equity-focused universes, outshined the rest of the hedge fund industry […]

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Download And Play Pokemon Go In Any Country

Nintendo has taken the world by storm with its augmented reality game Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, the blockbuster game is available only in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Gamers in other parts of the world can’t keep quiet while […]

India – Watch This Big Gold Drill Program

India – Watch This Big Gold Drill Program

India – Here’s A Big Drill Program To Watch In This Emerging Gold Frontier by Dave Forest, Pierce Points India’s national Cabinet approved a new National Mineral Exploration Policy for the country this week. With the bill spearheaded by Prime […]