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Bill Gross: Echoes From Africa

Bill Gross: Echoes From Africa

If I sang a song about Africa Of the spotted giraffe, the hyena’s laugh Of the fiery sun rising to meet the day With a stillness belying the lion’s evening meal; Would Africa sing a song about me? If I […]

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Washington’s Post-Election Gridlock And Africa

After the bizarre 2016 election, Washington faces a slate of legal investigations, a massive political gridlock, the threat of new Cold Wars and possibly a contested election. What does it mean to Africa? Last July, FBI Director James Comey closed […]

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Nigeria Creates A $500M Mining Fund

Nigeria – This Emerging Minerals Nation Just Created A $500M Mining Fund by Dave Forest Lots of interesting mining opportunities emerging these last few weeks — on one particular continent. Africa. Uganda, for example, said last Wednesday that it will […]

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Africa Preparing For “Ring Of Fire” Eclipse

The skies over Africa darkened this morning thanks to a “ring of fire” solar eclipse. People around the world were able to watch the space event live thanks to a free webcast from the Slooh Community Observatory. The webcast featured […]