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Miners: The Paper Precious Metals Investment

Regular readers will disregard the current downward trend in precious metals prices. They were already warned, repeatedly, that the supposed “rally” in the precious metals sector this year was a Fake Rally. It was a set-up to position these markets […]

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Why Fund Managers Remain So Fond Of Private Equity

It is unclear what repercussions a Trump presidency will have on private equity. Its proposed repeal or dilution of the Dodd-Frank Act should encourage lending from banks, although that could negatively affect non-bank lending activities. Trump has also proposed to […]

Photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

Can Taylor Swift Help Keep Afghanistan Moving Forward?

Taylor Swift to help Afghanistan? EurasiaNet Commentary Proliferating blast walls and security checkpoints have transformed the Afghan capital, Kabul, into a maze of concrete. Driving is increasingly arduous. Cars and mopeds carrying explosives are a serious concern – so much […]

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This guy got destroyed by the system

My friend Richard got destroyed by the system and Captive Insurance Company turned his life around. As a financial advisor in Sacramento, California, he spent years building a thriving firm and has even landed a few celebrity clients. Richard did […]