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Gravitational Waves Detected Again By LIGO

Scientists have once again detected gravitational waves created by the merger of two distant black holes 1.4 billion light years away. It proves that the first detection of ripples in space and time in September last year was no fluke. […]

In 5 Years, Facebook Inc May Be “All Video”

Facebook feeds may become much livelier in the next five years. On Tuesday at a Fortune event, Nicola Mendelsohn, vice president for Facebook in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, said the social network could become “all video” within the next […]

A Key Tesla Autopilot Executive Joins NEXTEV

A Key Tesla Autopilot Executive Joins NEXTEV

Tesla’s team of “hardcore engineers” working on the Autopilot included Kurt Thywissen, Senior Engineering Manager of UI & Autopilot Software and an early member of the team. However, he has now left the EV giant to work for NEXTEV, reports Electrek. Thywissen […]