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C. Diff Bacteria May Linger In Pets And Kids

C. Diff Bacteria May Linger In Pets And Kids by Julie Robert-McGill Household transmission of Clostridium difficile to pets and children may be a source of C. difficile infections outside of healthcare settings, according to a small study. The study, published […]

Now You Can Zoom Instagram Photos

Now You Can Zoom Instagram Photos

Using a pinch gesture, Instagram announced today that it would finally roll out a zoom feature beginning today for users of iOS devices with, presumably, Android to follow in the not too distant future. The new zoom feature will work […]

Image Source: Corning

Apple Watch 2 May Feature This New Corning Glass

The Apple Watch 2 could come with Gorilla Glass SR+, a toughened cover glass for wearables recently unveiled by Corning. Corning is known for its toughened cover glass for smartphone displays called Gorilla Glass. Toughened glass for wearables Corning is a […]

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Google To Challenge Uber With Waze

Not quite yet, but Google and its parent company Waze are flush with cash and with the acquisition of the traffic and navigation app Waze it certainly has a platform do build a ride-sharing service on when Google chooses to […]