Young Capital Management Offers 60 Percent Returns A Month?

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Young Capital Management Returns 60% A Month and $1k referral fee for offering clients – first big H/T to DealBreaker for finding this gem. Second off, I thought for sure this was a new Jacob and David Wohl venture when I saw this California hedge fund which promises to basically double your money every month and a few days (rule of 72) also had a press release and affiliate program. We are NOT legal experts but this seems unorthodox to say the least – especially in the form of “Refer a friend and get a $1000 VISA rewards card” but there are finders fees and 1% is not  excessive.

What is interesting is that Young Capital Management thinks that demand for Fixed income will increase as baby boomers retire and therefore its a gold mine investment but since there are thousands of other asset managers wont they come in if they see a lucrative return and drive down profits for everyone?

More important ..  it is possible the fund returned 60% in one month but is it really offering that every month? The wording is unclear but the way i read it is – it offers clients “80%” a month for 12 months- meaning future returns – that would quickly make Lee Young the best hedge fund manager in history – additionally, guaranteeing performance raises some questions – again we are not legal experts but IF the hedge fund is guaranteeing returns it is a question mark .  How does the company do it? The press release does not provide much details but says that the returns are generated by “buying and selling private contracts”  mainly in Petroleum.

We cannot get into the details but here is what an attorney says on these types of products:

Fraudsters will also emphasize that there is “NO WAY” that you money can disappear, and that it will sit in your own bank account unmolested until your hundreds of millions arrive. They will tell you that you can make astronomical interest rates, such as 20% to 80% per week, and that exponentially your profits will skyrocket.
Also the lawyer notes:
In an advisory letter entitled “ Prime Bank and Other Financial Instrument Fraud Schemes” the Board of Governors states as follows:
References to financial instruments issued by “prime banks,” “top 100 world banks,” “top 25 European banks,” and similar references to categories or groups of banks that are not used in the banking industry.
Promises of extremely high, unrealistic rates of return with little or no risk.
Participation in an investment program often referred to as a “roll program (or programme),” “high yield investment program,” or “bank debenture trading program.”
he investor’s funds are absolutely safe and cannot be lost for example, a bank has issued a guarantee or an attorney is holding the funds in a special escrow fund.

We will let you judge for yourself and in fairness Young has a lot more experience appears to be than Jacob Wohl, also appears to be registered as an RIA and does not have virtual offices (and Directos of Fun at the office) but we sincerely hope Matt Levine of Bloomberg View takes this up tomorrow!
Full press release below.


CARLSBAD, Calif., Sept. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Young Capital Management announces launch of hedge fund that returns 60% a month to investors.

Young Capital Management

Returns are generated by buying and selling private contracts and private commercial transactions direct from refineries in defined industries –mainly petroleum products, minerals & mining, agriculture, energy, transportation, banking, finance and lending, real estate, and technology. Investor money stays in escrow as principal only puts on trade when there is an exit or final buyers in place known as a managed buy/sell.

Demand for fixed-income products is rising as 10,000 baby boomers a day retire. The bond market is $2.4 Trillion dollars. There is a $450 billion supply shortage of bonds. Banks are paying very low interest rates on their Certificates of Deposit and their fixed income products. “Bank customers are disheartened with the low returns offered,” says Lee Young, founder of Young Capital Management

Clients receive 80% a month gross (60% a month net) for a period of 12 months based on amount of funds placed in a non-depleting escrow account. Returns are paid quarterly. $100,000 minimum investment. Accredited Investors Only.

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