Yahoo Search Alert is a Good Alternative to Google Alerts

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If you’ve already tried out Google Alerts then you know how alerts work and how useful they can be. Let’s say you want to keep a track of what people are saying about your business or you, then you can setup an alert so that you’ll get notifications each time yours or your business name appears online.

Same way, let’s say you’re a celebrity fan and want to stay updated with each of his/her moves then you can create an alert with the name of the celebrity. Of course, in such a situation, be prepared to receive hundreds of alerts.

Yahoo! Search Alert can do all this, plus much more such as: monitor your favorite sports team, keep a check of your online business and what other people are saying about you, webmasters can monitor the name of their domain so that they can receive alerts whenever someone mentions their websites name and many more.


How Do Yahoo! Search Alerts Work?

Yahoo! Search Alerts works much like Google Alerts. But unlike Google Alerts which offers RSS and email alerts, Yahoo supports only email alerts.

The Manage Alerts page displays every option needed to add, edit and delete alerts. From the dropdown of send my alert to, select your Yahoo email alert and in the search keyword, add the keyword. From the results you can select if you want results of news, web, images and video, and lastly from the frequency, select when you want to get notified – as it happens or daily. You can click on the Preview tab to get a preview of your new Yahoo alert. Click on the Trash icon to delete the alert.

Yahoo! Alerts seems to be a nice alternative to Google Alerts, but still you might want to consider using both of them. Note that you need a Yahoo account to create and manage alerts, and you’ll be getting email notifications to your Yahoo Mail account, and not to any other account.

So go ahead, try out Yahoo Alerts and let us know what you think about it.

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