Xbox Scorpio’s Graphics Will Be Noticeably Better Than Xbox One’s

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The Xbox Scorpio is expected to be released in time for this year’s holiday shopping season, and every so often, a rumor leaks out or Microsoft reveals some official information. The tech giant officially unveiled the console last year when it showed off the Xbox One S, and now it’s offering up another little tidbit. It’s about the graphics.

Xbox Scorpio to have incredible graphics

Xbox chief Phil Spencer say in for an entire episode of IGN’s Unlocked on YouTube (full video is embedded below). Among the tidbits he revealed this week that the graphics on the Xbox Scorpio are going to be much different than what we’re seeing on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

He acknowledged that the Scorpio has a lot to prove in terms of power and variety of games and content, and he’s “confident” in the quality of the games they’ll be offering at launch. He noted that the launch titles will have to show off the full power of the console so that it will convince new gamers to buy it and old gamers to upgrade to the newest model.

Spencer stated that fans will see a “demonstrable difference” between the games offered on the Xbox Scorpio and those on all the other consoles that are currently available. He added that the console’s launch will be “a little different than a traditional console launch,” although he didn’t give a lot of details on what he meant by that.

Xbox Scorpio could bring games from Japanese developers

Spencer said they’ll be launching the Scorpio with a set list of games, although they’re not yet ready to announce the titles yet. Fans will have to wait until E3, which is scheduled for June.

The Xbox chief also tweeted that during his trip to Japan, he saw “a lot” of developer interest in Xbox Scorpio and Xbox One. He said they previewed a lot of games during their trip there, although they can’t share third-party specifics yet. Fans are taking this to mean that there could be a lot of games from Japanese developers on the Scorpio.

Here’s the full video from IGN’s Unlocked:

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