Xbox Scorpio Games: Wait Until We Show You Them Urges Phil Spencer

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Last weekend Phil Spencer, the Boss over at Microsoft’s Xbox division, took to Twitter to answer questions from community members. In doing so, he suggested that everyone should wait until the tech giant shows off some games on the Xbox Scorpio before pre-ordering.

Pre-ording the Xbox Scorpio

Among the many questions posed to Spencer, one which repeated referred to the console’s availability for pre-order and launch date. However, instead of answering the question, he replied: “rather than be impatient people should wait to see games first.”

Right now no one outside of Microsoft and Xbox has seen any working titles for the Scorpio. However, Spencer himself recently revealed that he not so long ago had his first gaming experience on the device. About which he said it was a “great play session” and that the console had a great design. So as it should be, it seems as though Spencer thinks Xbox could be onto a winner with Scorpio.

Scorpio Release Date

While no official date for pre-ordering or a launch date has been given, it’s thought that around Christmas is likely. As for when want to be owners will see games running on the Xbox Scorpio, that’s going to be at E3. According to industry pundits, Xbox will use the conference to show off games and provide information.

Phantom Dust Q&A

Other none Xbox Scorpio related question put to Spencer on Twitter surrounding the highly anticipated Phantom Dust HD game. He answered those who wanted to know when it would be released by saying “it would be ready before E3 2017.”

Additional information on Phantom Dust HD suggests that it will feature Xbox Live support for both PC and Xbox One. Also, improved graphics and a much-increased resolution are expected.

On this subject, Shannon Loftis Microsoft’s general manager of Microsoft Studios Global Publishing said:

“We are updating some key parts of it. We are updating it with new Xbox Live. … For those who haven’t heard of it, this game is a collectible card game that is wrapped in an action RPG. … The game, when it came out, was very of its time.”

Why no Cross Platform Gameplay on Halo Wars 2?

Finally, one last question asked revolved around Halo Wars 2 and its lack of cross-platform support. His answer was concise and to the point. “Halo Wars 2 has a gaming engine which has some long-standing issues when it comes to cross-platform gaming”

As for future support for cross-platform gaming, Spencer suggested that more games will be like Gears of War 4 and have the feature for both Xbox One and PC.

Concerning E3, either one of my colleagues or I will be covering it here on Valuewalk. So, you can be sure that we will keep you updated with all of the latest Xbox Scorpio. And other Microsoft, Xbox, and PC gaming related news.

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