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Xbox One X vs. Xbox One – Which Is Better?

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To commemorate the release of the Xbox One X, we thought it was only right to outline the specifications for you, and additionally compare its features with the Xbox One S. With so many consoles on the market, it’s difficult to decide which is right for you, but after reading this article you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision.


The Xbox One X vs. Xbox One S conversation is interesting, because we’re not comparing competitors, instead Microsoft’s two flagship consoles. Though they have similar features, there are different levels of performance, but their similarities make it difficult to decide which suits your individual requirements.

Xbox One X vs. Xbox One

To make your buying decision as easy as possible, we’ll firstly assess what the two consoles have in common. This will help you choose whether it’s worth paying extra for the One X, because if the One S offers similar features, you’ll be asking whether it’s worth spending more. The main similarities in the Xbox One X vs. Xbox One S debate are the ports, media playback, and connectivity. Both have three USB 3.0 connectors, and the consoles have a pair of HDMI ports, Ethernet, S/PDIF audio, and an IR output.

The Xbox One X and Xbox One S support 4K HDR content, and contain UHD Blu-ray disc drives. They have Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, fantastic news for theater enthusiasts. This just about sums up the similarities between the two, so let’s dive into the all important differences.

Starting with the designs, both are aesthetically pleasing, capitalizing on sleek designs that suggest professionalism. The One X is smaller, and the heat extraction occurs at the back of the console with the One S. This is important to note if you’re thinking of replacing the console, and though the One S blows hot air from the top, the X is without any ventilation system on top. This means you can stack AV kit on top of the X, something you can’t do with the S.

The biggest difference between the two consoles is performance. The Xbox One X is superior in terms of technical prowess, and can perform on a similar level to mid-range gaming computers. Though the One S is no slouch, it uses similar technology to the original Xbox One, which launched four years ago. Though the two deliver significantly different performance, they use the same UHD resolution.

The Xbox One S delivers UHD gaming that’s upscaled from HD, utilizing checkerboard rendering anti-aliasing technology, which creates pixels where there aren’t any to create a sharp and clear image. It’s not ‘true’ 4K by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s impressive nonetheless, and the console also supports HDR gaming. The One X does occasionally use upscaling, but it’s capable of rendering games at a much higher resolution than the One S. It therefore boasts a much richer, detailed image, and the texture in game is a higher resolution due to increased video memory.

Proceeding with the Xbox One X vs. Xbox One S debate, let’s look at games. The two consoles share an identical library, though some are launched with an ‘Enhanced for One X’ label, which provides enhanced visual fidelity. Hardware wise, the Xbox One X has a new cooling power and delivery system, crucial for keeping temperatures down in such a small, powerful box.

The two consoles run at similar noise levels, but storage is different. The One S ranges from 500GB to 2TB (on mechanical hard disks), whereas the One X comes with a 1TB hard disk with 8GB of flash storage. The 8GB speeds up the operating system, stored on faster solid-state storage. Tests have revealed there isn’t much difference in terms of storage performance, so if this is the most important attribute for your individual needs, perhaps the One S is suitable.

The final difference to comment on is the price. The One S retails for as little as $184.98, compared with the One X, which is around $500. This is a huge difference in price, so if the aforementioned differences between the two are insignificant in your eyes, the One S is arguably the better option when addressing the Xbox One X vs. Xbox One S debate.

To conclude, it seems as if the One S is a fantastic choice for watching 4K video content, whereas gaming lovers who are keen to keep up with the best technology should choose the One X. I hope you have found this article on the Xbox One X vs. Xbox One S informative, and if you feel as if we’ve left anything out or would like to ask any questions, please comment below and kick-start the discussion.

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