Xbox One X Games That Will Be Part Of The Enhanced Program

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The Xbox One X is launching on November 7th and a lot of gamers are beginning to get excited. There’s no denying that Microsoft has has a less-than-stellar release for this generation of consoles. Sony beat them out of the gates with the PS4 which many viewed to be a better gaming device. Then, the gap between Xbox and PlayStation got even wider with the release of the PS4 Pro which offered 4K gaming and HDR support. Now, Microsoft has finally caught up with their 4K console, the Xbox One X. In many respects, it actually outpaces the PS4 Pro but a lot of people are wondering if this launch is too little, too late. Can the Xbox One X compete with the PS4 Pro after launching so late? If it is able to compete, the Xbox One X games available at launch will be a big reason why.

Bring Back The Classics

I’m a pretty avid gamer and when I think of some of the best moments I have ever had playing video games I think of my Xbox 360. Late nights playing Halo 3 matches online was pretty much the reason I had to take grade 12 math three times before I passed. Still, despite the days spent at summer school, I wouldn’t trade my Xbox 360 memories for anything. Microsoft is trying to harness some of this nostalgia to boost sales of their upcoming Xbox One X console. There will be a handful of Xbox 360 games upgraded for the new console including Halo 3, Assassin’s Creed, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and Fallout 3. All of this is part of the Xbox One X enhanced program.

So, how does the program turn Xbox 360 games into Xbox One X games? The resolution of these games will be 9 times better than their original releases and 8-bit color will be boosted to 10-bit. Some games will also get HDR support. Basically, you can play some of your favorite Xbox classics with the color and resolution they deserve.

I personally think this is a great step for the Xbox One X. Microsoft has been working hard to add backwards compatibility for many popular Xbox 360 games and this is an area where Xbox is doing much better than PlayStation. The question is: can upgrading Xbox 360 games into Xbox One X games make consumers want to buy the console? It’s not a cheap piece of hardware and Microsoft has to offer more than just nostalgia if they want to sell consoles. Not to mention, Sony has been dominating this generation of consoles. Many people like myself are already committed to the PS4 platform and aren’t interested in spending more money to change platforms halfway through a generation.

Will You Buy An Xbox One X To Play Halo 3?

What do you think about these enhanced Xbox 360 titles being upgraded to Xbox One X games just in time for launch? Is that enough to convince you to buy the console or is it too late for Microsoft in this generation of console releases? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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