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Xbox One S Vs. Xbox One: Consoles Compared

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Three years have passed since Microsoft, launched the Xbox One. And yesterday the rumors of a new redesigned Xbox One S were revealed to be true. With this announcement Microsoft has revealed a console, the One S to be an almost smartphone-like iterational improvement over the original Xbox One. It’s certainly not the Xbox One Scorpio, as that has also been revealed to be true and more information about that console should come to light soon. However, how does this new Xbox One S, compare to its predecessor?

Xbox One S, Price and Variations

Microsoft has revealed three different Xbox One S variants all with different capacities. Recommended retail prices start at $299 for the 500GB model, $349 for the 1TB model and £399 for the huge 2TB version.

This is certainly a much lower starting price point than the original Xbox One price, it originally retailed for $499, prior to Microsoft uncoupled it from the Kinect and dropped the price of the console to $299.

If you’re in the UK or a European reader, I have not forgotten you. Pricing for both is as follows: The 2TB model will cost £349 / 399 Euros, 1TB model £299 / 349 Euros and then finally the 500GB will cost £249 / 299 Euros.

Size and Weight Compared

If you’ve read anything about the Xbox One S in the last 24 hours, you are sure to have come across the fact that the new console is 40 percent smaller than its predecessor. Now, I know from previous discussions and articles about the first console, that it was the size it was due to a perceived overheating issue. Also its size, according to Microsoft helped to keep it quieter than it would have been if smaller!

Whatever the reason for it, it looks as though Microsoft has now overcome this issue and now can produce a console that is 40 percent smaller. As for the actual dimensions of the Xbox One S, Microsoft is not telling but the original was 333 x 274 x 79mm or 13.1 x 10.8 x 3.1 inches and weighed in at 3.2KG. So I suppose all you need to do is knock the 40 percent off to have a good idea?

Xbox One S Vs. Xbox One: Consoles Compared

4K Support

At a basic technical level, the first Xbox One was capable of supporting 4K gaming and video. However, it comes with an HDMI 1.4a port, which basically means that it would only be able to output 4K content at a lousy 30HZ. And that is completely inadequate for any serious 4K gamers needs.

So, what about the Xbox One S, does it support 4K gaming and video? The answer is yes, it has built-in support for 4K Ultra HD, 4K Blu-Rays, and High Dynamic range support. I agree, that this sounds great, but what actually does it mean?


It means, that not only does the Xbox One S support the playback of 4K video from online streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix. But it also has a ULTRA HD 4K Blu-ray player built-in to it.
This new console also includes support for HDMI 2.0a and this means that it offers the correct output support for 4K and is able to reach 60HZ output.

General Specs and Performance

As I mentioned earlier, the Xbox One S does not mark the launch of a new generation of Xbox console. It is merely an improvement of old technologies, basically the Xbox One with some spit and polish.

However, unlike the rumored Xbox One Scorpio and the PlayStation Neo the Xbox One S is not going to be a more powerful console than its predecessor. So whilst it does have some improvements over the original it will not run games any faster or have superior graphics.

New Controller

Yesterday it was being reported that an all new designed Xbox One controller had been seen with the console on its leaked pre-order page. However, after taking a look at the image its hard to see, other than color any difference between the standard Xbox One controller and that of the Xbox One S.

Also, information surrounding the controller being an optional extra have proven to be incorrect. As it turns out that Microsoft had boo-booed in a poorly worded disclaimer. So if you are don’t be concerned, the Xbox One S, will come with one controller.

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