Xbox One S Unveiled At E3: It’s White And Slimmer

The Xbox One S has just been unveiled at the gaming-focused E3 event in Los Angeles. Microsoft is battling Apple for eyeballs in the tech community, hosting its own E3 showcase at the same time Apple is unveiling iOS 10 at its Worldwide Developers Conference. And the Xbox One S isn’t all. Microsoft is working on something even more powerful, but it won’t be released until next year.

Xbox One S Unveiled At E3: It's White And Slimmer

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Microsoft to launch Xbox One S in August

The Xbox One S will be 40% slimmer than the original Xbox One and also white, or “Robot White,” as Microsoft called it during its E3 showcase. It will also be able to stand vertically, unlike its original counterpart, and it won’t have the clunky external power supply the company’s past consoles have, reports the Daily Mail. Instead, the power supply will be integrated.

The Xbox One S will support 4K Ultra HD video, and models with storage space of up to 2 terabytes will be available. The console also sports an IR blaster built right in, a USB port on the front in addition to the two on the back and HDR video support to improve color contrast. The 500-gigabyte Xbox One S will start out with a price tag of $299, while the 1-terabyte model will sell for $349. The 2-terabyte model will be available starting in August, with the others coming soon after that.

The Xbox One S will also have a redesigned textured controller that’s white to match the console. That controller will also have better range as it will support Bluetooth. The controller is designed for better ergonomics and also sports a more accurate thumbstick that supposedly decreases wear, reports TechCrunch. Those who want just the controller to use with their original Xbox One can pick one up for $60.

Microsoft also whetted the appetite of gamers everywhere by teasing next year’s console, which is code-named Project Scorpio. We’ve been hearing rumors about this console for some time, and Microsoft executives referred to it as “the most powerful games console ever built.” The new console will offer true 4K Ultra HD gaming, although it will still be compatible with all past Xbox games and accessories. However, executives said it would connect virtual reality gaming with HD.

Beyond the Xbox One S

In addition to the Xbox One S and the snippets of teaser information about Project Scorpio, Microsoft also announced Xbox Anywhere, which basically means that exclusive Xbox titles will also come with access to the Windows 10 PC version at no additional cost, reports The Telegraph. Also cross-platform multiplayer capabilities will be added, enabling Xbox One and Windows 10 PC gamers to play together.

The company is also updating Xbox Live by adding Clubs, which enables gamers to sign up for guilds and the e-sports platform Arena.

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