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The World’s Favourite Car

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What is the world’s favourite car Toyota Corolla and the Ford F-Series are historically the best but what about now and in various regions of the world?

Choosing a car is a very personal experience, but statistics show that many of us choose the same brand and model of car time and time again. What is it that makes these cars so desirable to the masses? Is it because they are a trusted brand, is it clever marketing or is it just down to a very good design?

RaceChip have researched to find out ‘What is the World’s Favourite Car?’ and the results were truly fascinating. It’s no surprise of course that German, American and Japanese car brands dominate the automotive landscape, with Volkswagen, Ford and Toyota leading the charge for each country, but it is interesting to see how far ahead in terms of historical global sales the Toyota Corolla and the Ford F-Series are with 44 million and 40 million sales to date.

The Corolla and the F-Series were also the two highest selling cars in the world during 2016, though the Volkswagen Golf was hot on the Ford F-Series’ heels, with the F-Series only selling a few thousand more than their model. Hyundai was the only brand that managed to compete against the giants of Honda, Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen, with its Elantra model selling 788,081 during the year.

The infographic also has an interesting map of Europe’s highest-selling car models of 2016. It is interesting to note the trend for certain brands and models in particular areas. One brand that dominates the map is as you’d expect Volkswagen, with its Golf model being the preferred car of choice in central Europe and Scandinavia. Another brand that comes through strongly is Skoda, which is the highest selling in many of the eastern European countries, though not in as high a volume as Volkswagen managed. Ford is favourite in the UK due to its large presence there, and Fiat and Renault predictably sold well in their home countries of Italy and France, though they were both top sellers in other European countries too. Volkswagen clearly leads the brand race for sales numbers in Europe by a long way and that doesn’t seem to be able to change any time soon.

So, the best-selling car both historically and in recent times is the Toyota Corolla, and it looks set to increase on its already impressive selling history. Its reliable build and the company’s understanding of their customer’s needs seems to have cemented this car as many people’s go-to model. This could all change of course, but if they continue in the same vein, it seems the Corolla will be the world’s favourite car for many years to come.

world’s favourite car infographic below

World's favourite car Toyota Corolla and Ford F-series

World’s favourite car Toyota Corolla and Ford F-series

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