World War 3? Ukraine Crisis Could Trigger A Nuclear War, Warns Gorbachev

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Tensions across the world are growing steadily. So, there is always potential for a World War 3. But former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has warned that the Ukraine crisis could spark the next World War sooner than later. In an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel, Gorbachev warned that the world “will not survive the next few years.”

There is a catastrophic loss of confidence

He told the German magazine that the world was at risk of a “nuclear war” due to escalating tensions between the West and Russia over Ukraine. If either side lost its nerve in the current situation, it would lead to a full-blown nuclear war. Russia doesn’t trust the West, and the West doesn’t believe Moscow. If we don’t take any action, it could all blow up soon.

When asked whether the current situation could lead to a World War 3, he said the loss of confidence was catastrophic. Propaganda and statements from both sides make him fear the worst. In this charged atmosphere, anyone could lose their nerve at any moment. The warning of a World War 3 from the man who brought about the end of Cold War is definitely worrisome.

Mikhail Gorbachev has openly criticized its successor Vladimir Putin, reports The Telegraph. In a recent book, he accused Putin of overconfidence. Gorbachev said Vladimir Putin believes himself “second only to God.” However, he blamed the West for the current stand-off. NATO was encroaching on what Russia considers its sphere of influence, destroying the European security order, he added.

World War 3: North Korea planning to invade South Korea

In another potential World War 3 scenario, senior military officials told South Korea’s Joongang Daily that North Korea has sought to buy Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets from Russia. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is planning to invade South Korea in a lightning assault, using advanced weaponry including nuclear weapons. According to Bloomberg, North Korea has set up several infiltration facilities along the South Korean border.

If North Korea attacks the South, United States will be obliged to jump in due to its security pact with South Korea, which could lead to a World War 3.

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