The Outrageous Wealth Of World Politicians [INFOGRAPHIC]

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‘When it comes to World politicians, it’s no secret that they aren’t shy of a penny or two, with most earning high end salaries which we could only ever dream of. So, with the US election soon drawing to a close, we wanted to investigate how much various politicians around the world, including leading candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are really worth.

In order to put their significant wealth into perspective, we didn’t only examine their net worth, but also had a look at what they would be able to do with their rather outrageous levels of money. From the soon-to-be Ex-President of the USA who has a net worth which would allow him to purchase his very own Caribbean island, to the former Prime Minister of the UK who’s significant wealth once amounted to more than the GDP of an entire country.

When you compare the personal wealth of this years leading candidates in the US election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the latter is the clear winner. With a net worth over $3.6 billion greater than that of Clinton, Trump has enough money to purchase himself a total of eight double decker Boeing 747s, whereas Clinton wouldn’t even be able to afford one.

If you think these statistics are impressive, just wait until you hear about the unbelievable wealth of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who owns enough money to build himself another International Space Station…


In second place comes an Italian politician who many have compared to Donald Trump (no not the one you are thinking of), followed by the crazy dictator of North Kora.

So if you want to learn more about the outrageous wealth of our politicians around the world and what they might be able to do with their money, look no further than the useful infographic below.’

World politicians The Outrageous Wealth Of World Politicians
World politicians

Infographic source: Lottoland


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