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If you had told me in February that we would still be talking about Nokia 8 leaks in August I would have called you crazy. That’s because the Nokia 8 was widely rumored to be launching in late-February. Then it got moved to March… Then April… You see how this is going. Even leaked launch dates on HMD Global’s website have come and gone. HMD Global is the company authorized to produce smartphones under the Nokia brand name, for those confused about who they are and how they suddenly appeared in this piece about Nokia.

Now, we have more Nokia 8 photos to chew on but still no confirmed launch date. These photos come from Slashleaks which grabbed them from a Chinese social chat app. These photos are unique because they show the device powered on and reveal some of the specs. They are a bit grainy but we can still glean a lot of information from them so let’s jump right in.


This first photo shows off some of the specs and internal components included in the Nokia 8. We see that the Nokia 8 is running Android 7.1.1. That’s great at launch but with Android O right around the corner we hope to see quickly and timely updates for this new Nokia flagship. That may be the ultimate test. Great hardware is only as good as the software it powers.

Working Nokia 8 Photos


The above image confirms the presence of a UHD 4K display. This is exciting news. Nokia is clearly moving ahead with a true flagship smartphone. So far, they have hit all the right buttons that will allow them to compete with the big boys in the market.

Working Nokia 8 Photos


I think my favorite part of this leak is how thorough the leaker was in grabbing Nokia 8 photos. If they had a better camera this would be the perfect set of leaks. Oh well, you can’t have it all. Above, you see images of the app drawer. Hopefully Nokia doesn’t put too much of a skin on top of the Android experience and just let’s the software do what it does best.

Working Nokia 8 Photos


Finally, we also get a look at the Nokia 8 wallpapers. These are all very nice and you may have noticed some of the wallpapers were included in previous Nokia 8 leaks. This is good because it allows us to be able to connect leaks and be more confident in their legitimacy. I always say that nothing is ever certain until you see it officially launched. However, when you get more and more leaks showing the same thing you can have more confidence in their accuracy.

There you have it – new Nokia 8 photos. Presumably, if people are getting pictures of the Nokia 8 powered on, then we should see the device launched soon. Of course, we have been saying that for months. HMD Global needs to get moving. If they can’t launch the Nokia 8 in the next few weeks then they will be launching alongside flagships from Apple and Samsung. That’s a battle that the Nokia 8 likely won’t win. Hopefully we see this device out in the wild sooner rather than later.

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