Nokia 8 Launch Date Revealed Online


The Nokia 8 rumors have been coming hard and fast over the past week or so. Now, it appears that the Nokia 8 launch date may be coming sooner rather than later.

A user on Chinese social media network, Baidu, noticed that HMD Global (the company that owns the rights to manufacture Nokia product) had begun updating some web materials. One of these updates revealed a Nokia 8 launch date of July 20th. This means that the Nokia 8 is, quite literally, right around the corner.

Nokia fans will be happy that the wait for a new Nokia flagship smartphone is finally upon us. It feels like the Nokia 8 has been in “coming soon” mode since February. Hopefully the wait will be worth it. If the specs are any indication, the Nokia 8 should be able to hold its own among some of the other flagship smartphones on the market today.

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Earlier rumors revealed some great information about the appearance and internal specs of the Nokia 8. All we were waiting on was an official Nokia 8 launch date. The screen is said to be a 5.3 inch QHD display – kind of small compared to some devices on the market but it may be able to fill a niche that some larger device can’t. Running the show is reportedly a Snapdragon 835 – one of the top SoC’s on the market right now. Rumors are also suggesting that the Nokia 8 will ship with either 4 or 6 GB of RAM. All of that together makes this device a pretty capable piece of hardware.

The design of the smartphone is both awesome and underwhelming at the same time. The back is a beautiful anodized aluminum; something that was popular with manufacturers but has unfortunately been replaced by glass and ceramic in recent years. Having an aluminum device on the market again is a nice choice for consumers. The front of the Nokia 8, however, leaves much to be desired. The home button looks dated and unnecessary on a flagship smartphone in 2017. Rather, we would prefer to see software buttons and reduction of the bezels. But, you can’t win every single battle and, overall, the phone is a pretty nice looking piece of hardware.

Once reviewers are able to get their hands on the device after the Nokia 8 release date, we will get a better idea of what this new flagship smartphone can do. Until then, all we have is speculation. Hopefully that speculation won’t have to last long. If all of these leaks are to be believed; we will get to see the Nokia 8 before the end of the month. The only question left to ask is: will you buy one?