Windows 9 To Usurp Third Windows 8.1 Update

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has been reeling from the disappointment that was Windows 8. The company has been rolling out update after update in an attempt to bring the masses back, and now many are writing off Windows 8 entirely and saw the company could put all of its weight behind Windows 9.

Another Windows 8.1 update?

It’s generally expected that Microsoft will roll out a second update to Windows 8.1 on Aug. 12. However, the company is not expected to make a big deal out of that update. In addition, the company probably won’t make that update mandatory or even cumulative. Rumors suggest that the update will bring it just some minor changes in design but no major new features.

Originally, Microsoft was said to be planning to make the August update for Windows 8.1 into a much bigger deal. ZDNet reports that the company had been planning to add the rumored new mini Start Menu to the update but that then it canceled that plan just a few months ago. Instead, Microsoft is said to be planning to make the mini Start Menu part of Windows 9, also known as Windows Threshold. The next full release is still expected to come out next spring.

Focus on Windows 9

According to ZDNet, rumors that Microsoft was planning to roll out a third update to Windows 8.1 this fall may not be correct. Some had been saying that the company would do a third update in the fall to set up a regular pattern and that Microsoft would add some new features to the troubled operating system.

However, Microsoft seems to be leaning toward putting the failure of Windows 8 in the rear view mirror as soon as possible. The small monthly updates to Windows 8.1, however, are expected to continue.

What to expect in Windows 9

At this point Microsoft still isn’t officially releasing any details about what to expect in Windows 9. There have been rumors that the company might offer users of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP some kind of deal and maybe even a free upgrade to Windows 9. Microsoft has been scrambling to get users upgraded to the latest version, particularly after it stopped supporting Windows XP.

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