Windows 9 Preview Release Date: September Or October

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The very first version of Windows 9 could be revealed as early as next month, according to a new report. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is said to be preparing a preview version (not the full consumer release version) of the operating system with the goal of making it available in late September or early October.

Window 9 preview expected

We heard reports recently that Microsoft was planning to release a preview version of Windows 9 this fall, but we didn’t know exactly when. Now ZDNet‘s Mary Jo Foley reports that her sources say that preview version will likely be available in September or October. She adds that those who decided to install the preview version of Windows 9 must agree to accept the monthly updates from Microsoft automatically. In addition, she reports that the preview version will be open to the public so that anyone who is interested in it will be able to install it.

Microsoft is expected to roll out updates for Windows 9 very quickly because of the requirement that those who install it must accept all updates every month.

When will Windows 9 be released?

Windows 9, or Threshold as it is sometimes referred to, is expected to be unveiled next spring. Microsoft has a long way to go to appease users who were disappointed with Windows 8. The company is expected to bring back a lot of the popular features that were in previous versions of Windows. Windows 9 is expected to be friendlier for non-touch devices, whereas Windows 8 really works much better on touch devices and left desktop users confused about how to use it.

Expected features in Windows 9

There have been plenty of alleged leaks about Windows 9 coming out. One suggested that the new version of the operating system will feature a sort of mini Start Menu. Other expected features include Metro-style apps that are able to run on the desktop, virtual desktop, and the removal of the Charms bar. Some believe Microsoft will also integrate its Cortana digital personal assistant into Windows 9 Threshold.

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