Windows 9 Technical Preview Spotted Before Official Release

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Ahead of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s September 30 event in San Francisco, noted Microsoft veteran Paul Thurrott of WinSuperSite has managed to get hold of the ‘current’ Windows 9 Technical Preview build 9841. It could be the same build the software giant will present at next week’s event. Many other tipsters have also revealed many features of Windows 9.

Windows Store remains unchanged

Thurrott also confirmed that the actual preview won’t be out unit next month. The screenshots obtained by Thurrott show the Start menu. But it’s not the plain old Windows 7 Start menu. It’s an enhanced version that combines the best of Windows 7 and Start menu with some features of Windows 8.1. You can access the Start menu as before, by clicking on the Start button on your taskbar or by pressing the Start key on your keyboard.

Users can pin Modern apps, desktop applications, contacts and folders to the Start menu. You can resize the tiles, and even the Start menu itself. Moreover, Thurrott said that Windows Store remains unchanged from Windows 8.1. Windows 9 Technical Preview comes with mobile apps for movies, music, photos, email and more, just like Windows 8.1. You can pin your favorite apps to the Start  menu or Start screen, whichever you like.

Windows 9 Preview to have a new feedback system

He noted that Charms bar is still present in Windows 9 Technical Preview on touch-friendly devices. You can access the Charms bar only with a touch. That means nothing will happen if you use the mouse and keyboard to access Charms. And yes, there is a new Task view button on the taskbar to let you switch between running apps. It can be used to create virtual desktops. Once you create the new virtual desktops, you can use the Task view button to switch between them.

Windows 9 Technical Preview Spotted Before Official Release

What’s more, Windows 9 Technical Preview has a new feedback program called Windows Insider Preview Program. It will offer users more regular preview builds so that they can provide feedback to the company. Other rumors and leaks suggest that Windows 9 Preview will also have virtual assistant Cortana and a new notification center.

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