Windows 9 Start Menu Works Like This [VIDEO]

On Thursday, two German sites ComputerBase and WinFuture leaked 20 screenshots of an early build of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Windows 9. Those leaked screenshots revealed almost every detail of the new OS. Now one of them, WinFuture, has gone ahead and released a video demonstrating how the much anticipated Start Menu in Windows 9 works.


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Windows 9 getting a revamped Start menu

Microsoft is expected to release the technical preview of its next-gen OS on September 30. The new video demonstrates that the Start menu works much like what Microsoft demonstrated earlier this year. It’s from a build that was recently made available to Microsoft partners. The Start menu has traditional apps mixed with Live Tiles.

The Redmond-based company has moved the account option, allowing users to lock or sign out of the desktop. You can access the restart and shutdown options through a visible button alongside the account option. The left pane of the Start menu has traditional apps, and the right side section consists of modern apps. However, users can choose to collapse the right section to access the File Explorer.

Windows 9 interface may change before the final version comes out

You can pin apps to the Start menu. It expands automatically if you keep adding more and more apps. Just like Windows 8, it has the option to resize the Live Tiles. This new Start menu isn’t for tablet or smartphone users. Microsoft is expected to remove the full-screen Start screen in favor of Start menu for desktop users.

The video also shows floating modern apps. They work just like traditional Windows apps and you can resize them. You no longer have to run them full-screen or snap into position. Note that it’s an early look at the next Windows. The interface of the desktop may change significantly by the time it begins shipping early next year.

Microsoft shares fell 0.70% to $46.66 at 12:40 PM EDT on Friday.