Windows 9 Name Accidentally Leaked By Microsoft China

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Windows 9 has been the talk of the technology community as rumors about it continue to run hot and heavy. There has been some confusion about the name, with some referring to it by the Windows 9 name and others using the reported codename Threshold. Now Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s China business has apparently let the cat out of the bag—on accident.

Microsoft China posts about Windows 9

Microsoft China posted on Chinese micro-blogging platform Weibo a simple question: “Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon, do you think the start menu at the left bottom will make a come back?”  The Verge reports that there was also a mockup Windows 9 logo along with the post, which the company removed quickly, but not before Chinese website Cnbeta saw it.

Although the Weibo post was obviously a mistake, it does appear to prove that Microsoft is definitely going with the Windows 9 name. It also seems to confirm previous rumors that a preview version of the operating system could be unveiled very soon.”

What to expect in Windows 9

There has been a nearly endless stream of alleged leaks about Windows 9. The Weibo post mentions the return of the Start menu, which is something users have wanted. Windows 8, while a beautiful operating system that just takes some getting used to, lacks the Start button.

It’s already been reported that Microsoft will bring back the Start menu, although it will be more of a hybrid of the original Start menu and Windows 8. The basic idea is to give desktop users back the Start menu they want while also offering the Windows 8 metro-style to those who have been converted to the new operating system and are beginning to like it. Another change Microsoft has been said to be making in Windows 9 is getting rid of the so-called “Charms” bar, which is the one that pops over from the right side of the screen.

Microsoft is expected to show off Windows 9 at a press event on Sept. 30 and then make a preview version available soon after that. The company is expected to release the final version of the operating system in April.

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