Windows 9: Return Of The Start Menu, Bye-Bye To Charms Menu

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Windows 9 continue to pop up all over the place, as the technology community hopes for a better operating system than its predecessor. So just what is Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) planning? PC Advisor has collected most of the rumors and some screenshots of Windows 9.

Anticipated features of Windows 9

The biggest improvement, in many people’s view, is the return of the iconic Start button. The biggest complaint with Windows 8 was that it was done away with, leaving long-time Windows users confused about how to use the operating system. In addition to bringing the Start menu back, Winbeta suggests that Microsoft will get rid of the Charms bar, which is that one that pops up on the right side of the screen when you move the mouse cursor over there. In this particular case, the report suggests that the Charms menu will remain on mobile devices but disappear on desktop computers. An alternative to this suggests that Microsoft might add a button toward the Windows controls that brings out the Search, Devices, Settings and Share charms from the top of the window.

What will Windows 9 look like?

It’s been suggested many times that the Threshold update will end up becoming Windows 9, which is expected to launch early next year, possibly in April. This date goes against some allegedly leaked documents that suggest only the preview version will be ready in the second to third quarter of 2015. This week some new screen shots have surfaced, possibly showing what Windows 9 will look like. The shots are called Windows 8.1 Pro, but PC Advisor remains convinced that they show Windows 9 because they are consistent with most of the rumors that have been circulating. The screenshots came from Neowin and In addition to showing Windows 9 itself, there’s also a shot of what looks like the new Windows Store. The screenshots clearly show the start menu, along with a list of recently used apps and an option for all apps next to the start menu. This is potentially Microsoft’s way of appeasing those who want the Start menu while also making it easier to use the Metro-style apps. The screenshots also suggest that there will be an area where users can pin their favorite Metro apps for easy access next to the apps list.

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