Leaked Windows 9 Screenshots Show Cortana

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Tipsters revealed a few months ago that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Windows 9 will get the virtual assistant Cortana. But recently leaked screenshots show the Cortana functionality on Windows 9 Technical Preview. Microsoft has announced that it would hold a media event in San Francisco on September 30. The company is widely expected to unveil Windows 9 Technical Preview at the event.

But Windows 9 preview may not have fully functional Cortana

The leaked screenshots come from German website WinFuture. It’s the same website that released over a dozen photos and videos a few days ago. WinFuture provided us an early look on many features of the preview version including a new Start menu, virtual desktops, notification center. Now Cortana will be the first virtual assistant to appear on PCs.

It’s still unclear how the digital assistant will interact with desktop users. According to The Verge, Microsoft may integrate it into the search icon that appears on the taskbar. Cortana is unlikely to be fully functional in Windows 9 Technical Preview. Microsoft is still working on its implementation. The company plans to issue regular updates to the technical preview.

Windows 9 to have Storage Sense, WiFi Sense

The screenshots revealed that Microsoft is also bringing over many Windows Phone features to Windows 9, including WiFi Sense and Storage Sense. The software giant brought WiFi Sense with Windows Phone 8.1. The feature allows smartphones to automatically sign into public WiFi hotspots. It can accept terms on your behalf and fill out the necessary information such as email address, name and phone number, if required. The feature saves users a lot of time, providing them quick access to the Internet.

Windows 9 Storage Sense

It’s not yet clear how Microsoft will implement WiFi Sense in Windows 9.The feature also shares network credentials with Facebook, Skype and Outlook contacts, letting them connect to your local WiFi. Storage Sense provides information on what data the apps store, making it easier to prevent a storage fill-up.

Microsoft shares rose 0.43% to $46.44 in pre-market trading Tuesday.

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